Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1880 - 1884.
Founder: L. Kyser and Alfred Rex.
Cast-iron toys and mechanical banks. Among their highly desirable banks are: Hindu with Turban, Uncle Tom, Chimpanzee the Organ Bank, Lion and Monkeys.

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Item Title Date sold Price
1883 Kyser Rex Cast Iron Lion 2 Monkeys Mar 2019 £ 705,17
Kyser Rex Cast Iron Pavillion Still Bank Mar 2019 £ 413,65
Original 19th C Crowing Rooster May 2019 £ 311,22
Very Rare Kyser Rex Cast Iron Still Bank Feb 2019 £ 196,19
Original 1881 Kyser Rex Medium May 2019 £ 173,00
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Steve - March 22, 2015

Hello, I just bought a very nice chimp and organ bank. Appears to be mint. What might it be worth?
►reply: Don't know, but could be worth a lot. You might ask here: mechanicalbanks