Larami toys were produced based on several movies, television shows, etc. By the 1980s, Larami Corp. had a growing water gun product line. It was Larami Corp. that eventually marketed and sold the Power Drencher, rebranded as the Super Soaker in 1991. Larami was founded in 1947 and was a toy company whose items usually ranged from the cost of 39 to 99 cents. The company was eventually acquired by Hasbro, becoming Larami Inc. in 1995. The toy company name was finally retired in 2002.

In 1978, Larami Corp. created a 'Cylon soap bubble toy' called the 'Battlestar Galactica Cylon Bubble Machine' to coincide with the television series of the same name. In the same year, a commercial was also made for the product featuring its use in dispensing 'big bunches of bubbles' and a jingle. In a Los Angeles Times article covering Battlestar Galactica's influence on Facebook, the toy's Facebook Fan Page is noted alongside the book The Science of Battlestar Galactica's.

The notable jingle has been covered by such websites as Retrocrush where it was described as 'amazingly goofy with a chorus yelping, 'Battlestar Galacticaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...CYLON BUBBLE MACHINE!' and in an interview Re-imagined Series comics writer Greg Pak as said 'I still periodically find myself humming the tune song to the Cylon Bubble Machine commercial.'

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Ideal Larami Super Soaker 100 Water 1990 Apr 2019 £ 180,00
Super Soaker Water Gun Constant Pressure Apr 2019 £ 89,00
Ideal Action Gt Super Soaker 100 Water Mar 2019 £ 69,00
Super Soaker Water Gun Constant Pressure May 2019 £ 69,99
Super Soaker Xp270 By Larami 1999 Rare Mar 2019 £ 59,95
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