In 1983, Capodimonte acquired the license from The Walt Disney Company to produce porcelain figurines of the most famous characters of Disney films.

Enzo Arzenton designed and created the figures until his retirement. He started painting at 6 years and had the nickname "Raffaello". He began his career with Laurenz Capodimonte in 1979 and was responsible for many figures. He designed the whole of the Disney characters range since 1983. With his retirement in 1999, the production of Disney characters was discontinued.

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Item Title Date sold Price
Disney Snow White The Seven Dwarfs Apr 2019 £ 1 099,12
Disney Snow White The 7 Dwarfs Dinner Apr 2019 £ 906,08
Disney Snow White 8 Figures Laurenz May 2019 £ 823,35
Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket Capodimonte May 2019 £ 393,16
Disney's Mickey Mouse In Fantasia Apr 2019 £ 354,55
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