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In 1881 Ernst Paul Lehmann, an inventor, established a company in Brandenburg, Germany to employ his metal fabricating techniques in Brandenburg.

1910 Lehmann’s patented metal toys, like the honking Tut Tut car and spring-powered Ikarus airplane, make his company, “Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk”, famous around the world.

1921 Lehmann’s cousin, Johannes Richter, joins the company as a partner and builds on his uncle’s reputation with patented toys like the ingenious Skirolf skier.

1948 The East Germany government seizes the family firm. Richter flees with his family to Nürnberg in the west and restarts the company with the help of his young sons, Eberhard and Wolfgang.

1968 The brothers unveil the company’s boldest invention: LGB--The Big Train. These “G” scale models are the world’s first production model trains engineered for outdoor and indoor use.

lgb trains logo1984 The first LGB model of an American prototype train, the Mogul steam loco, is introduced. The model ignites the explosive growth of garden railroading in North America.

1987 LGB of America opens in San Diego to provide warranty and repair service to LGB customers in North America.

1995 The company introduces the “LGB Multi-Train System,” a digital system allowing multiple trains to operate on the same track at the same time. The first official LGB web site is also launched.

1996 LGB of America hosts the largest-ever convention of North American LGB owners.

1997 LGB of America opens a distribution facility in New Jersey to speed shipments of new LGB products to consumers.

1998 More than 45,000 LGB fans from around the world come to Nürnberg to celebrate the 30th birthday of LGB trains.

2006 LGB of America becomes an independent company offering LGB trains along with other quality products.


Updated: 24 July 2019

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Lgb value and price guide

What's your Lgb worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
lgb 1215 g scale left hand electric switch turnout ex Lgb 1215 G Scale Left Hand Electric Switch Turnout Ex 09/2021 £19.54
lgb 1205 right hand electric manual switch point r1 Lgb 1205 Right Hand Electric Manual Switch Point R1 09/2021 £31.03
greenberg s guide to lgb trains by john r ottley 1986 Greenberg S Guide To Lgb Trains By John R Ottley 1986 09/2021 £10.99
lgb 68333 g scale 24v interior lighting kit for Lgb 68333 G Scale 24v Interior Lighting Kit For 09/2021 £2.92
lgb 68333 interior lighting set 24 volt new in sealed Lgb 68333 Interior Lighting Set 24 Volt New In Sealed 09/2021 £12.46
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Comments (3)
Graham - April 14, 2019
Dear Sir, If you have a LGB 3264 Schollenbahn Coach (Blue and White) come up for sale please let me know. Thanks.
Also don't forget to check on eBay now and then for LGB Schollenbahn.
Thomas - November 20, 2017
I am looking for an LGB locomotive G scale; Old fashioned green loco and tender model number 25182 when I purchased it perhaps 15 years ago at a model train shop in Michigan. Can you help me find one?
I could only find these here: LGB 25182
Rick - December 18, 2014
Hello LGB Train Experts. Help!Our 10 year old starter set is great, except that it now comes to a slow halt and won't run again unil we turn it off and let it rest. What say you? Is it our locomotive or our power pack (transformer)? Can either be repaired? How or by whom? Suggestions, please.
Sorry for my late reply, did you already solved the problem? Otherwise ask here on this LGB forum: LGB forum.