Master doll artist Linda Webb is best-known for her infant dolls. Her desire to create lifelike infants can be traced back to the birth of her son and her desire capture the magic of his birth in her heart. Her work has won her the Dolls Award of Excellence sponsored by Doll Magazine, the DOTY award sponsored by Doll Reader Magazine, and the NALED Doll of the Year.

Updated: 22 December 2020

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ashton drake galleries welcome home baby emily so Ashton Drake Galleries Welcome Home Baby Emily So... 06/2021 £49.15
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1 comment
Keeley - November 15, 2020
linda webb emily doll
Hi I don’t know if you Linda Webb that made these dolls. I know the ginger hair is Emily who is light but not sure of the other doll who is heavier, I am told she is Emily as well. Also they both different length by the looks. I am looking for info on both dolls, the exact names, when they were made, weight, and length. I am also trying to find original birth certificate for them both.
I'm sorry, I'm not Linda Webb. You can find other Emily dolls here: Linda Webb Emily doll.