Each Player starts with $10,000. The board is Monopoly like with 2 inner tracks that can also be used. Play is counterclockwise and you must roll the dice with your left hand. Spaces and the ever present chance cards send you elsewhere, make you pay money (good), make you get money (bad), switch seats with someone else or exchange money with another player. First to lose all their money wins.

The Mad Magazine Game, titled MAD Magazine: the "What-Me Worry?" game on the cover, is a board game produced by Parker Brothers in 1979. Gameplay is similar, but the goals and directions often opposite to, that of Monopoly; the object is for players to lose all of their money. Play proceeds to the first player's right and the first player is determined by a left-handed roll for the lowest number. The game includes cards, money, dice, and tokens, and the game board features Alfred E. Neuman and illustrations from Mad magazine. By design, no conclusive strategy exists for the game, since even if a player is winning, several spaces and cards direct players to exchange money or chairs with others, causing advantages to be lost instantly.

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Item Title Date sold Price
Mad Magazine Card Game 1980 Parker Apr 2019 £ 19,95
1979 Mad Magazine Board Game Parker May 2019 £ 6,28
Mad Magazine Board Game 1979 Parker Apr 2019 £ 11,50
The Mad Magazine Game Board Game By Apr 2019 £ 15,95
New Sealed Boxed Token Madness 8 Golden Feb 2019 £ 18,90

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Kiki - November 25, 2012

I have the old Parker Brother's card game Mad. It's so much more fun then Uno. But it just never got off...I think it was because of the Mad Magazine. Anyway, every time I take this game to friends to play they all love it and would like to have this game...I think they need to bring it back...it's so much fun. I know many people that would buy it. Me included because mine is getting old and the cards are getting harder to play. Please think about bringing it back.Thank you,Kiki