Action figure Major Matt Mason was an astronaut who lived and worked on the Moon and was introduced by Mattel in 1966.

The toy line included four astronaut characters sharing a common body molded of "Plastizol", a material also used in for example the "Thing Maker" line. The body was molded over a wire armature, and the head was separately attached. The removable helmet was actually based on early NASA space helmets.

Each character body was painted in a different color and had a separately modeled head.


Matt Mason figures are identified by blue straps on the space-suit. In subsequent production years these straps were painted black.

NASA inspired

There was also a three-story "space station" (moon base) and lunar surface and flying vehicles, accessories (powered by battery, springs, pneumatics, or strings). The designs of the early run of the accessories were based directly on concepts by NASA and the various contractors involved in America's "Race to the Moon" in the 1960s. The "Moon Suit" and the "Space Station", as well as the "Jet Pack" were actually seen as concept drawings in such magazines as "Look and Life". The laser weapons were copied from designs of science fiction shows of the time.

Source: Wikipedia.

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Jeff - December 15, 2018

Recently came across a MMM Space Ship Case in great shape and a couple of astronauts with helmets, laser
►reply: Very neat!

Donn - April 4, 2018

What is the price difference between Matt Mason blue and black straps?

Nick - April 8, 2017

would like to take a look at your Matt Mason toys for sale, Thanks Nick
►reply: Currently don't have anything for sale Nick

Dave - December 11, 2012

I have a used major Matt from the sixties and some kind of stand up space sled with slots to slide his boot into. For sale. Email me if you're interested and I will dig everything out and take a photo. There maybe a few accessories.