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Marchesini Augustine was established in 1908 in Bologna and was one of the oldest toy companies. Its toys were marked with the initials AMB Bologna.

marchesini toys

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old tin toy marchesini amb bologna pompieri rare Old Tin Toy Marchesini Amb Bologna Pompieri Rare... 07/2021 £42.24
ducati mv marchesini forged wheel decals black Ducati Mv Marchesini Forged Wheel Decals Black... 07/2021 £11.98
8 x marchesini wheel rim stickers decals magnesium 8 X Marchesini Wheel Rim Stickers Decals Magnesium... 07/2021 £12.09
stickers stickers kit marchesini forged wheels Stickers Stickers Kit Marchesini Forged Wheels... 07/2021 £7.33
8 x marchesini forged wheel rim stickers decals 8 X Marchesini Forged Wheel Rim Stickers Decals... 07/2021 £12.09
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices07/2021£-.--

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Wayne - June 11, 2019
Looking for a friction motor and interior insert for a AMB Bologna VW Ovali