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1899 - 1966. Founders H. N. Parker and Orlando Mason from Winchendon, Massachusetts, were specialized in pressed-steel transportation toys. However in 1907, they switched to wooden products including proven standard, Boy's Tool Chest.

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Comments (9)
Marcia - June 23, 2020
I am searching for information about a metal box with label on lid. My father was in Navy during WWII . My mother stored “love Letters” in this box. I’d appreciate any info u can give me.Thanks
I have no idea, sorry...
Victor - May 24, 2019
I have a miniature school desk. Just wondering what the value is
I have no idea, it's very difficult to find anything about a Mason Parker desk, sorry!
Chuck - July 8, 2018
Have a Eductional Playthings Folding wooden Chalk Board by Mason and Parker, Wichendon Mass.
Bonnie - June 4, 2016
Hello, I have a Mason Parker very small wooden child's flip top desk and chair. I would some information on it such as age and value.Thanks so much!
No idea, but you can send a picture to fabtintoys gmail com so I can put it up here.
Ted - August 27, 2015
I have come by a wooden joined tool box for boys by Mason
Could be #314 Model Tool Chest. Send a pic to fabtintoys ADD gmail dot com and I'll put it on this page.
Rollina - April 18, 2015
I have a brown steamer trunk made in the 1930's It is 18" by 10" It has a hat box that opens from the top also a place to hang doll clothes and a drawer for shoes. It would hold about a 17" doll. It has what looks like brass hardware and brass corner protectors with a carrying handle on the top. Can you tell me anything about this trunk?
Can you recognize your trunk from these doll trunk images?
Pierre - August 14, 2013
# 314 model tool chest for boys
Debbie - September 15, 2011
Hi - I have a Mason Parker pressed steel horse pulling a cart. I have found it in a toy book but can't find much information about the toy or company. I was wondering if you have knowledge of this toy or company, if you could share with me any info.
Kerry - May 11, 2011
I am interested in Mason Parker toy passenger(rail) cars from the early 1900's. Thank you.