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Micro Models are die-cast metal toys manufactured in Australia from 1952 by Goodwood (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. An exchange of dies (molds) with Lincoln Industries later enabled the models to be made in New Zealand.

While circa 1956 is generally accepted as the start of manufacture in New Zealand, some collectors believe the early Micro Models they bought were imports from Australia. They remember buying them during the first royal visit by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

The Micro cars were about four inches in length and advertised with a scale ratio of 1:36. They were often nearer 1/43, and sometimes 1/48. A 1/72 scale was given for the Bedford trucks, but the Ford O.H.V.V8 trucks came in 1/48 scale and the Commer trucks in about 1/45. The first models listings in both the Australian and New Zealand catalogs were the Vauxhall Velox saloon, the Holden FX Coupe Utility (pick-up truck) and the Jaguar XK-120. New Zealand-made models did not have the baked-enamel paint finish of the Australian models, which meant the paint could be more easily chipped. Other differences are the use of wheels with zinc plated hubcaps on the New Zealand models and, later, their fine-tread rubber tires.

Updated: 30 October 2020

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Comments (4)
Brian - June 28, 2021
do you not ship toys to new zealand regards Brian
Hi Brian, I don't sell anything so I don't ship anyway ;-)
Jan - July 25, 2020
Hi,1. We are looking for the hitching plate two of them for the Peter's Icecream Tanker. Are you able to provide a picture of one or direct us where we could have one made or purchase? 2. Are the tyres on the tanker all the same size, meaning that two tyres go together on the all the wheel points for the trailer? Thank you
Hi there! No idea where to get a plate... sorry! As for pictures, you could try here: Peter's Icecream Tanker - Google Images.
Jan - March 31, 2020
Can you direct me to an original picture of the Mobil petrol station set with flag in the middle?Thank you
This is probably the one you're looking for: Micro Models Mobilgas.
Marty - October 31, 2019
Hi there, I have 2 GB17 models (Holden FJ two tone and black taxi) in poor condition. All rubber tires are gone and I'm looking for replacements...the truck tires (from the commer truck ) will fit the FJ rims but the diameter is too big... not sure if I should restore the cars or keep as they are...
Difficult, maybe you can find models for parts or look for Micro Models replacement tires.