Furth, Germany, from 1875 - 1959.

Also known as: Lesney

Founder Moses Kohnstam was an European distributor of German-made toys, under the Moko trademark. J. Kohnstam Ltd. Was established in London in early 1920 and helped launch Lesney Products.

By 1890 Moko had branches in Milan, Brussels and East London. Moses Kohnstam was a wholesaler who specialised in packaging, storing and distributing toys, and the financial backing of small toy manufacturers. He also sold the toys using his own brand name, Moko. After the death of Moses in 1912, Julius Kohnstam, one of Moses's sons, took over the business until the late 1940's when Richard Kohnstam, Julius's nephew assumed control.

Moko became a well known name in toys when Richard took on the role of marketing agent for Lesney Products (later better known as Matchbox Toys).

Very good on-line Moko source: www.mokolesneymatchbox.com

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Rare Large 1950s Matchbox Lesney Moko Apr 2019 £ 1 018,00
Genuine 1959 Matchbox Moko Lesney 71a Mar 2019 £ 26,00
Very Rare Only 200 Made Moko Lesney Apr 2019 £ 671,66
Matchbox Lesney Moko Huge Job 1 75 Apr 2019 £ 621,00
Matchbox Lesney Moko Huge Job 1 75 May 2019 £ 607,00
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