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My Twinn was known for its one-of-a-kind dolls created to look like the special child in your life and was founded in 1993 in Agoura, California by John Kurdika, an emergency room physician, and Lisa Driscoll, a former account executive for a children's entertainment company. Dr. Kurdika developed a technique to make dolls and used his skills to made custom made figures as an emotional aid for the sick children he had under his care. He believed that replica dolls helped to build a child's confidence and self-esteem. With virtually no advertising the new company received more than 400 orders during the first three months of operation.


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Pat Secrist was one of the first to sculp a My Twinn, back in 1991. This sculpt was followed by two dolls, made by Vincent de Filippo. Collectors know these dolls as 'Cookie' and 'Karen', which became the size standard for My Twinn as we know them today. They had eight-piece white cloth covered stuffed bodies with vinyl appendages (bent leg) and the head was attached by a tie string. These dolls could sit and lie down but need a doll stand to stand in an upright position. These original dolls are referred to as having 'Apple Valley' bodies, and have characteristic pudgy toddler like limbs very different than the more slender limbs of the later non-poseable My Twinn dolls. It is not known when the Pat Secrist "Rigel" sculpt was retired by My Twinn, but we do know they are extremely rare and are only known in the Apple Valley body type.

In 1995, Dr. Kurdika sold his business to the Flagship Group, Kenn Thiess and Lane Anderson, and My Twinn moved from California to Colorado in 1995. Doll assembly and detail work was done at a plant in Littleton until 1995, when all manufacturing, assembly and shipping was done from China.

The very earliest of the Apple Valley My Twinn dolls had the My Twinn logo or the child's name written in script on the bottom of their right foot.

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My Twinn History.

Updated: 2 September 2020

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Lynn - September 2, 2020
Approximately how much would an original Rosemary 1995 8-piece white body My Twinn doll be worth? No tags on body or outfit. Brochure and box 1995. I want to Ebay her, but I have no reference to start at. I can't find an 8-piece anywhere online.
I'm sorry, I have no idea... Maybe the dolls on this page could lead you in some direction: My Twinn Rosemary.