In the Middle Franconian city Zirndorf the so-called cord spinning top found its home. In the year 1880 Lorenz Bolz had the idea to equip the spinning body on the top with a swivelling hand grip. The child only had to pull the cord bound around the spinning body to activate the rotation of the top. In the year 1913 the first drill top entered the market, also an invention of the company Bolz. The first generation of the still popular spinning tops was born. This invention was registered in the Imperial Patent Office.

In the year 1907 Peter Bolz assumed the leadership of the company. Under his guidance the well-known music spinning top was invented and since then has been exporting in the whole world. Six to eight vocal organs create the amazing several-voices-spinning top sounds.

The spinning tops of the company Bolz have been developed further and in the year 1937 they succeeded in eliciting a scale up to 20 tones from a spinning top, the birth of the choral spinning top.

In the year 1952 another Bolz patent goes around the world in the third generation. The top music by the actual music spinning top. Meanwhile the company Bolz advanced to a leading producer of spinning tops worldwide and for the first time the plastic production completed the traditional tin production.

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Jeanne - July 18, 2019
I am looking for a Bolz CHORAL harmonic top. Are they being made anymore?
Bolz tops are still being made, but nowadays they are manufactured by Lena, which is part of . I'm not sure if they still make this particular top, I can hardly find any info on them.