Toy company Joustra, founded by Guillaume Marx in 1934, remains one of the biggest names in the history of tin toys. The first factory was located in Strasbourg-Neudorf, hence the name: JOUSTRA = JOUets de STRAsbourg (toys from Strasbourg).

After many adventures and war, this company specializes in educational games, scientific and creative as Télécran, experimental sets for chemistry or potter.

From 1960, tinplate gradually disappeared and replaced by plastic.

In 1999, Joustra was bought by the French manufacturer Heller models and settled in Normandy where certain products are still manufactured.

joustra toys

Joustra also placed several fine model aircrafts on the toy market, including a superb tinplate flag-flying Air France 'Croix de Sud' with revolving plastic propellers.

Updated: 26 Nov. 2015

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Comments (4)
Barry - March 7, 2017
I have a JOUSTRA (1930's?) very large tin tank 'M1917' (WW1 tank) about 17" long and 7" high. Camouflage tin. No rust. I have never seen another one and can not find it online anywhere. Has a strong spring main gun. P.S. WHERE can I find a key for this large windup toy?
Try this page.
Armand - September 18, 2016
Are parts for digger dan cranes still available?
Not sure but you could try: Digger dan
Adam - October 3, 2015
Hi, I have just bought at Tin Cat, wind up with ball buy Joustra. DBGM Brev SGDG on bottom, any idea when this might have been made? thank you
Toys with the DBGM mark (German patent mark) were made between 1949 and the beginning of the 1960s. See also DBGM toys. Brev SGDG is a French patent, used until 1968.
Jane - June 7, 2011
I have recently purchased a Joustra Helicoptere \"Cadet\" reference number 0507, complete with box. It is a friction tin toy. Can you tell me approximately when it might have been made and an approximate value?