Noferin wooden toys

Noferin is an independent studio based in Hong Kong and is specialized in wooden products, gift wares and toys like the Jibibuts and Pecanpals


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Noferin value and price guide

What's your Noferin worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
noferin pecanpals fanelli Noferin Pecanpals Fanelli 09/2021 £55.99
noferin pecanpals pandacake Noferin Pecanpals Pandacake 10/2021 £55.99
noferin pecanpals claudius Noferin Pecanpals Claudius 11/2021 £55.99
noferin pecanpals fanelli Noferin Pecanpals Fanelli 11/2021 £55.99
noferin pecanpals pecan Noferin Pecanpals Pecan 11/2021 £55.99
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021£-.--

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1 comment
Chris - March 10, 2019
Hi,I came into the possession of a few new-in-box "PecanPals Wooden Figures" from what the back of the box says are "limited edition of 200 worldwide." By any chance would you know what these are worth? I'm planning on listing them on eBay but I can't find anything comparable. Thank you for your help!-Chris
Hi Chris, well, it all depends on popularity and I'm not so sure if the Noferin PecanPals are so collectible... at the moment. For example there were several similar figures for sale on eBay, a limited version of 300 worldwide but it didn't get sold... Price was between 85 and 100 USD but it got relisted all the time. Maybe hang on to them and put them in a drawer for the time being ;-)