Vintage noisemakers

A noisemaker is something intended to make a loud noise, usually for fun.

Noisemakers are popular with children as toy musical instruments. They can be perfectly included in loud rhythm bands.

The word may refer to:

Noisemakers are also popular with children as toy musical instruments (I don't think parents would agree with this ;-). They can be perfectly included in loud rhythm bands and used at for example, weddings!

Noisemaker value and price guide

What's your Noisemaker worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
pre 20s german litho halloween fans noisemakers Pre 20s German Litho Halloween Fans Noisemakers... 04/2021 £377.59
tiffany co sterling silver new years eve noise Tiffany Co Sterling Silver New Years Eve Noise... 05/2021 £251.73
1920 s german litho paper halloween noisemaker cat 1920 S German Litho Paper Halloween Noisemaker Cat... 04/2021 £212.17
halloween skeleton paper wood noisemaker merri lei Halloween Skeleton Paper Wood Noisemaker Merri Lei... 05/2021 £212.17
nos 29 cent u s metal toy co sealed halloween new Nos 29 Cent U S Metal Toy Co Sealed Halloween New... 06/2021 £155.24
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021£-.--

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Comments (3)
Lynn - August 1, 2021
1.Why oh why do people list noise makers on eBay with unrealistic starting points on bids?
2. If a noise maker is missing parts it’s not worth much at all, IMO.
3. What does anyone know about Empress Noise Makers? I have a few and find the graphics stunning.
4. I recently came upon an advertisement for Chein in which there are several items that apparently came under the heading of “carnival toys.” I have several of them based on the pictures; they are unmarked!
Ok, done for now.
Lynn - July 22, 2020
Wow, a forum for tin toys
Yep, every toy on this site has its own forum :-)
Jill - July 25, 2014
We used a collection of over 100 tin noisemakers from the Detroit area for our daughter's wedding this month (many of which are Kirchhoff) and would like to pass them along to someone else. Quite a few have wooden handles and 20s era lithos. Others have plastic handles and less identifiable era lithos (polka dots, clowns, harlequins, senoritas, etc.) They are a big assortment of sizes, shapes and patterns. What do you recommend? Many thanks!
haha, what a great idea :-) If I were you, just put them on eBay, or... on There are many interesting wedding stuff offered on Etsy so you'll definitely find a buyer there.