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Norah Wellings was from Shropshire, England. She was the main doll designer at Chad Valley dolls from 1919 to 1926, when she left to form her own doll company with her brother Leonard. The resulting company was the Victoria Toy Works, located in Wellington, United Kingdom. All the dolls produced here were from various types of cloth. Norah's dolls were sold worldwide, and many were made for various tourist industries, most notably the cruise ship industry, for which Norah's sailor dolls were made for various cruise ships as souvenirs.

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Norah Wellings value and price guide

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Item Title Date Price
fabulous 15 norah wellings cloth doll felt label minty Fabulous 15 Norah Wellings Cloth Doll Felt Label Minty 08/2021 £437.15
rare 1930s beautiful norah wellings boudoir doll Rare 1930s Beautiful Norah Wellings Boudoir Doll 10/2021 £170.00
rare 1930s beautiful norah wellings boudoir doll Rare 1930s Beautiful Norah Wellings Boudoir Doll 10/2021 £155.00
rare norah wellings felt pirate doll 1930s rag doll Rare Norah Wellings Felt Pirate Doll 1930s Rag Doll 09/2021 £150.00
1936 nora wellings old english handkerchief satchet 1936 Nora Wellings Old English Handkerchief Satchet 10/2021 £150.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices11/2021£-.--

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Comments (4)
Elaine - February 10, 2021
i have a QTEV MONARCH OF BERMUDA doll - i can't find any inforomtion on it. He's grey and face doesn't look clean. he stands about 12" tall. do you know anything about this?
Gai - September 22, 2020
I have an 18” tall fabric seaman doll with pipe. No markings. Norah Wellings type doll. Can you tell me who made it and offer a fair price for it please?
I also have a small Harry the Hawk (N.W.)
missing tag but otherwise complete. Buying price please?
Hi, I don't buy dolls, but maybe you can find some prices here: Norah Wellings Sailor and Harry Hawk.
Ellen - June 10, 2020
I have a Norah Wellings sailor tea cosy could anyone give me any information on Tea cosies made by Nora Wellings this is the sailor blue thank you
Brandon - April 13, 2020
please advise me, I have a Nora Welling doll, never played with, like new.. a black women of fashion and style. she is perfect. could you please tell me what she might sell for. thank you, Brandon
I'm afraid I'm not an expert on these... Have a look here, maybe you'll find your doll or one similar: Norah Wellings Black.