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The Nylint Corporation was founded in 1937 by Bernard Klint of Rockford, Illinois. His uncle, David Nyberg, supplied much of the initial capital to start the company. The company name of Nylint is a combination of both the Nyberg and Klint names. It was incorporated under the name 'Nylint Tool and Manufacturing' and its initial operation was located at 5th Avenue and 13th Street in Rockford. Original founder Bernard (known as Barney) Klint and his wife Grace remained actively involved for nearly 60 years in this privately-held company until their deaths in the mid-1990s.

In the early years NYlint was a producer of kitchen utensils such as cheese slicers, flour sifters and a gravy strainers. This tooling was purchased from the estate of another kitchenware manufacturer. Nylint also did special-order tooling work for other companies. For example, they produced refrigerator door handles and cast aluminum parts for the automobile industry. In 1940, the company moved to a larger location on 16th Avenue where it remained for 60 years.

As with most manufacturers, World War II caused a shift in focus to making war-related products. During the war years, Nylint prospered while employing 50 employees who made anti-aircraft magazines and torpedo-related components for the Federal government. Nylint produced, almost exclusively, war-related products during its 'Wartime Manufacturing Era.'

After the war, Nylint, like all manufacturing companies, worked to establish its post-war direction. After an extensive study in late 1945, the company chose to enter the toy-producing arena. This decision was made primarily because of Nylint's possession of existing modern metal-stamping facilities, and it was felt that manufacturing metal toys was a solid choice. They made a commitment to produce toys and soon hired Carl Swenson, the inventor of a wind-up toy car with steering and directional actions. This innovational toy was based on a mechanism that was on the cutting edge of technology. The mechanism allowed the wind-up car to start/stop, go forward or backward, and to turn. Not only did the toy exhibit strong mechanical capabilities, it was attractively-based on the real Chrysler Airflow design. Nylint called this toy the 'Amazing Car.' When the company took this toy to the 1946 Toy Fair in New York City, it was a huge success with over 100,000 units ordered. Not only did Nylint have a solid product, it was marketed well -being packaged in an attractive box with a color picture of the toy on the outside. Additionally, the box included a diagram of the detailed motions the toy could perform. Believe it or not, most toy manufacturers did not picture their toys on the box during that period. After World War II there were several large manufacturers of pressed-steel toys in this country. In addition to Nylint, Tonka, Buddy-L, Structo, Smith-Miller, Doepke, Marx and Wyandotte were some of the most successful. Others, including Tru-Scale, All-American, and Ertl, would later join the ranks of toy truck producers. Aside from Buddy-L, Marx, Structo and Wyandotte, who had previously made toys, most of these companies started moving into toy manufacturing immediately after the war. From the get-go, there was a lot of intense competition.

In the late-1940s and early-1950s, Nylint remained committed to these wind-up toys and soon produced a front-end loader wind-up, which resembled a forklift. Soon afterwards, they made a couple of motorcycle tin wind-ups, a street sweeper wind-up (resembling the actual Elgin machine) and a wind-up that resembled a popular TV icon 'Howdy Doody' although Nylint never used the name to advertise the toy. The Elgin Street Sweeper, in particular, demonstrated to Nylint that success could be achieved by patterning toys after real-life vehicles.


Updated: 20 October 2020

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Nylint value and price guide

What's your Nylint worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
rare nylint u haul no 8400 truck in box twin i beam Rare Nylint U Haul No 8400 Truck In Box Twin I Beam 09/2021 £1 328.85
nylint power light co post hole digger box Nylint Power Light Co Post Hole Digger Box 08/2021 £966.77
nice 1960 s press steel nylint truck mobile home both Nice 1960 S Press Steel Nylint Truck Mobile Home Both 10/2021 £732.36
nylint u haul econoline van near mint box Nylint U Haul Econoline Van Near Mint Box 11/2021 £700.68
nylint no 8400 twin i beam suspension truck in rare box Nylint No 8400 Twin I Beam Suspension Truck In Rare Box 09/2021 £604.70
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021£-.--

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Comments (40)
Rick - November 20, 2021
Hello, I am looking for a front grill for a Nylint Jumbo Dump, pressed steel. Looking to restore one and the grill is missing, thank you.
Difficult to find. Maybe you can find another Jumbo for parts only: NyLint Jumbo Dump
Nancy - November 19, 2021
I'm looking for the red midget thimble Drome race car with #33 on it, do you have any for sale?
I'm afraid not... You could try here though: NyLint Drome.
Frederick - October 24, 2021
I have a Ny-Lint No 2200 Michigan Shovel Crane Truck, Clark No T-24. It has outriggers on the rear and all but one decal. It is scratched and rusted, but everything appears to be there. Any way I can identify the year it was manufactured? Thanks
Hi there, maybe you can find some info here from these listings: NyLint 2200.
Steve - September 2, 2021
i'm restoring a 1974 hydraluic dumptruck. need the hydraulic rod mechanism ? anyone konw WGERE i should look?
Autumn - July 2, 2021
I came across 3 nylint trucks all still in original packaging, one is the irving oil one from early 1990's, one is the white with square trailer Pepsi "gotta have it" one and the 3rd is a Crush (pop) Truck and trailer, I have been trying everything to find out something about this one but cannot find it anywhere, it has a square trailer not round, any ideas how I can find out about this one? Ive tried searching model number and different word combos but nothing....
Bryant - June 11, 2021
Currently in search of an nylons jamesway tractor trailer.
Shelby - May 18, 2021
I am wondering how to find out how many of a certain line of Nylint trucks were made, specifically the Miller High Life Tanker Truck and other Miller beer truck productions
Allan - May 8, 2021
I have a truck and trailer...
Vintage Nylint Semi Truck Trailer Mac Tools
It is missing the wind deflector from the top of the cab.
Looking to see if one is out there?
Difficult to find parts... maybe have a look on this page now and then to see if a truck pops up for parts: Nylint Mac Tools.
David - April 27, 2021
I am looking for a reproduction or original missile projectile (tip) for a Nylint Guided Missile Carrier. I have read about reproductions but I have not seen one for sale.
Any leads would be appreciated.
It's always difficult to find parts for these toys... Maybe you're lucky and you'll stumble one day upon one for parts. Look here to see if you can find one: Nylint Missile.
Brian - March 18, 2021
I have 14 nylint blazers all in good condition looking to sell them
Charlie - February 9, 2021
I have a fairly large collection of Nylint semi’s most from late 80’s to early 90’s. All in unopened boxes. Looking to sell.
You could sell as lot on eBay or try Facebook, there are some collector groups on there.
Richard - January 19, 2021
I have Nylint 18-Wheeler No. 345-Z Belmont steel Corp. 50th year new in box. any idea what i should ask for it?
many thank
Have a look here for some prices: Nylint 345Z.
James - January 5, 2021
Trying to see how much my car is really worth
I think I saw one or two on eBay for approx 25-35 USD. Have a look here to find them: Nylint Rockford.
Frank - November 23, 2020
can i get parts for Nylint amazing car. need windup spring and paper on putting it back together.
Difficult, you could some toy car collectors groups on Facebook.
Leo - August 2, 2020
Trash picked up a Nylint Ford Fire Truck 90 Percent Complete, But Needs Restoration, What's it Worth?
Hi there, have a look here for some fire trucks. Maybe you can find yours: NyLint Ford Fire Trucks.
Gay - June 13, 2020
I have some nylint trucks and would like to know the value of them. I can send a picture of the collection. I have about seven of them. Please let me know how to contact you via email. Thank you
I'm not an expert on NyLint trucks. You can try to find them here for some prices: Nylint trucks.
Chad - June 11, 2020
Anyone know how much is Illinois power company line truck worth from the 1968
Not sure... you could have a look here to see if you can find yours: NyLint Power.
Dan - June 9, 2020
I need a Nylint Ford F Series Truck Replacement 2 Pc Grill can you help me?
Sorry, I don't have any... maybe here: Nylint grill.
Rick - May 18, 2020
looking for the fire truck buckets for the ladder trucks.
Also have a look here, maybe you can find a truck for parts: Nylint Fire Trucks.
Joe - May 6, 2020
Where can you find replacement Exhaust Stacks for the Nylint Semi Trucks? Is there a guide out there to determine the year of these semi trucks?
Hi there, you could try this link: NyLint Stacks. Not sure if there's a special guide for semi trucks, but you could try these guides on Amazon.
Ron - April 20, 2020
looking for decales for 60s model flat bed farm truck and grill and head lights
Also try this page: Nylint decales'. Maybe you can find a truck for parts.
William - April 10, 2020
hello, im looking for parts for a 1960's- 70's elevating earth scraper, i basicly need all the plastic and rubber pieces
Steve - March 31, 2020
Hello, where would I be able to sell some Nylint trucks. One is the flat nose fire truck with ladder. 2nd is the brinks piggy bank. both are in fair to rough condition
Ebay, Craigslist or try to find some Facebook groups for collectors.
Rick - March 7, 2020
hi, just hoping you might help give me direction on finding the stabilizer bars for my 2200 Michigan crane. got lost over the years and would like to make the toy complete again. Thanx
Difficult to find... There are some companies who make new reproduction parts, but that could be quite expensive. Search for 'nylint parts' on Google or find another crane for parts: Nylint 2200.
Elizabeth - January 26, 2020
I hav a yellow and green roadster can find anywhere can you tell me what it might be worth. Or where I can find it.
Hi, have a look here, maybe you can find yours: Nylint Roadster.
Richard - December 31, 2019
I have a Nylint tow and recovery tow truck in purple. googled it and only found one pic and no info at all. Anything anyone can tell me about this truck would be apprecate. Thanks
Sorry, I don't know either... you could try and search for Nylint Tow Trucks here and see if you can find yours.
Fred - November 20, 2019
Hello, I am looking for the two metal steel ramps that go to a old off road Tournahauler with gray goose neck trailer. These ramps would hang on each side of the trailer for transport. Each would be about 12 inches to 14 inches long and about a 1.25 to 1.5 inches wide with half rounded side edges. Please let me know if you have a pair(painted yellow originally) for sale or any positive help. Thank you.
Hi there, I don't sell any parts and not sure where to get them... But you could try this page: Nylint Tournahauler to see if you can find parts.
Kent - October 27, 2019
I have a relative who is researching the value of a Nylint dump truck model nr.6100, new in box and the box has never been opened. It was given to her husband, a painter, by the President of Nylint, probably Barney Klint while he was painting his house. Any idea of value and how would we prove provenance of it coming from the Pres of Nylint?
Hi, I found one sold on eBay for around 90 USD, but without box, so this one could fetch a lot more. I'm afraid I really wouldn't know how to prove provenance, sorry!
Janice - August 20, 2019
I am attempting to distribute, amongst my four sons, the childhood books and toys left in my possession. One son was particularly fond of Thomas the Tank engine. We have his model 61104 5491. In all aspects it is still in fantastic working order, with the exception of having lost the one wheel from the underside. This wheel slotted into double grooves and thus made contact with an eight tongued brass cog. I believe the wheel was the reason that the Thomas moved and turned sideways when it touched an object. I would appreciate any help or suggestions you might give in this matter.
I'm afraid you have to look for one for parts Janice to find that missing wheel.
Kai - July 18, 2019
Hi, I have a Nylint "Black Magic Express" Semi Truck that I really can't find much information on. I have seen quite a few Nylint trucks, but not this particular style. Ebay doesn't have any current listings for this style, and searching sold listings come up empty as well. The only thing I could find via google was one closed Etsy sale. Any information on this would be much appreciated! Thank you!
The price on the Etsy auction was around 22 USD. These trucks fetch up to 40 USD, boxed much more.
Sula - June 18, 2019
We have a orange and yellow rat rod i think is what it is would like ro know the value
Hi there, you can find some values of rat rods on this page: Nylint Rat Rod.
Gavin - May 13, 2019
We have a "Dongkook Nylint Ltd." Global Overnight Express Service Truck that found its way into our store and we're having trouble tracking its value down. The truck is white with Red, Blue, and Yellow <<< striping with the words "Always on the GO" on the bottom right side of the trailer. The rear door of the trailer pulls open to make a ramp into the trailer. If emailed, I can send photos of the truck if it would help.
There is one for sale right now on eBay for 30 USD in used condition.
Marc - December 1, 2018
I have a Nylint Ford FS pickup truck from either the late 70s or early 80s? Can you give me information on this item and how much it may be worth? I can't find any reference to this item or sold listings. Thanks.
John - April 6, 2018
I have a Nylint GMC hauler / transporter that was designed for the Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty Time Champions promotion. It is approximately 26 inches long and about 7 inches tall. I don't have the box, so I cannot find it online to determine a value. Can you help? The side shows the decals with Earnhardt and Petty pictures, and one end has nr.3 with Earnhardt signature and the other end nr.43 with the Petty signature.
Matt - May 5, 2014
I have a nylint semi and matching trailer with the state fair/corndog logo, I was wondering what the value of it is and how rare and when it was made
Andres - June 18, 2013
i have a military old car and i need to know who is the name because is older . can you help me !! i had the car thirty years ago thanks! im from colombia
Paula - May 12, 2013
I have a Nylint sun tracker. I can not find the value of it, can you help. Thanks
The pick up truck Suntracker by Nylint has a value of around 20-40 USD, but of course this depends on state I guess.
Ephraim - November 30, 2011
I have an old Nylint truck called MUSCLE MOVER and GOLDEN EAGLE and i was wondering how much they are worth
Between 15 and 40 USD.
Elizabeth - June 5, 2011
Cleaning out the old toys that were kept for years by my mother and now I am in possession of them. I came across a 1960's Nylint Toy Ford Bronco with a matching horse trailer and was wondering if there is any sort of value to it. It's in pretty good shape with the excepttion of a couple of rust spots but all parts are in working order. Thank you for any information you may be able to provide - it is appreciated!
Daniel - September 27, 2010
I just picked up a nylint truck & has a rainbow on its side & I was wonder how many made with rainbow on it& the truck is black color just like overnight express truck just derfrint sicter decile on it ^_^.