In addition to the American, German, European and Japanese toy makers, Spain also had produced tin toys manufactured by the Paya Company. Founded in 1902 by Rafael Paya, the local smith.

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Four years later Rafael's sons Pascual, Emilio and Vincente built the first toy factory in Spain and by the 1920s Paya's toys were considered the equal of then great and famous toy makers to the north. Not only was Paya quality the equal of Marklin of Germany, but Paya's colors and imprints were graphically more interesting, precise and bolder.

The 1930s, with Raimundo Paya at the helm, was the time of great expansion. This was when the famous Bugatti race car was made. In 1946, Paya once again started making toys. In 1985, Lino made the decision to remake all of the classic old litho tinplate toys on a very limited basis. The production of each was limited to 5,000 (or less) world-wide.

Paya washing machine toy:

Of the 2000 toys manufactored by Paya between 1906 to 1940, a total of 50 historic models have been recovered. These are now made in series with a issue limit of 5000 numerated pieces, accompanied by their certificates of autenticity.

"Today (1991), using the original machinery which had been stored away and found in to be in good condition, Paya restored its fortunes after having its fair share of business worries. Paya now operates as a workers' co-operative still at their old factory in Ibi, near Alicante."

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What's it worth? Take a look at this Paya price guide: sold listings for a value indication.

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Sharon - August 20, 2018

could i get value of paya bugatti driver an key also boxed orignal
►reply: Best is to look on eBay for these models

Lisbeth - May 28, 2015

HiI have some tintoys in boxes. Can you tell me if they are cheap newer copies, repro limited editions or originals. I can't find them anywhere in similar boxes. Some are paya and some are Toboggan.

Misty - April 25, 2014

I got a duck from spain and the ref.677 1924 I want to know the value thank you
-►reply: Probably a replica with a value around 20 dollars. Search for 'paya 677 duck' on Google for more info.

Gloria - August 15, 2012

I have tin conductor in box R 2006 22 cm.What is the value?
►reply: Here I found some information about your Paya conductor

Julie - November 8, 2011

we have a repudution of a juguete paya ref 612;1925 we would like to know the value of the rowing boat thankyou
►reply: I am afraid the chinese reproduction of the Paya's rowing boat isn't worth much... I found one here for 6 GBP.

John - August 14, 2010

I enjoy using your site and have acquired a very nice model Paya Santa Fe. I am trying to find a source of spares and would like to know if the company is still functioning and if so, how I could contact them. Your help would be appreciated. John