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Sindy is the British United Kingdom's fashion doll equivalent to the Barbie doll of the USA. Marketed as "The Doll You Love To Dress!"  She looks similar to the USA's Tammy doll, in fact Pedigree got licensing permission to copy her as long as they changed the dolls name.  The first dolls have short usually brunette hair, sorta a bubble-cut style, painted eyelashes, she's jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips.  Sold boxed wearing "The Weekenders" outfit of a red, white and blue jersey pullover top,  jeans and white vinyl shoes.

She has lots of fashions that were labeled with a paper tag until 1984 then they went to a fabric tag.  The earlier tags being paper were easily destroyed.  She has a boyfriend Paul introduced in 1965, a sister Patch (1966) and of course no fashion girl is complete with out houses, cars and more to accessorize her lifestyle.

In 1968 Sindy got an updated look with real eyelashes, a twist n' turn waist, side parted hair style in several different hair colors.  In 1969 a new see through acetate box was introduced.

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80s sindy doll by pedigree long hair beautiful 80s Sindy Doll By Pedigree Long Hair Beautiful... 03/2021 £39.00
beautiful 80s red head sindy doll by pedigree Beautiful 80s Red Head Sindy Doll By Pedigree... 03/2021 £64.00
beautiful 1985 premier sindy doll by pedigree Beautiful 1985 Premier Sindy Doll By Pedigree... 03/2021 £41.00
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Jennine - September 9, 2020
Do you still have the Pedigree First Love changing bag/sling with brushes for sale please?
Hi, I'm sorry, but I don't sell and this is not an official Brush-a-loves website. You could have a look here though: Pedigree First Love.
Fred - December 4, 2010
please could you let me know if you have a soft belly doll for sale?