Piano babies

By the late-19th Century, if you built a house, it needed to have a music room, which needed ofcourse a piano, which needed a shawl to keep it dust free, which needed something to keep the silk thing from slipping off...

That 'thing' was a bisque porcelain figurine called the 'Piano Baby'. They range in size from 6 to 18 inches. Most of the figures were made in Germany.

piano baby

Heubach Piano Babies

The best piano babies were made by Gebrüder Heubach (Heubach Brothers), a German company founded by Georg Christoph and Phillipp Jakob Heubach in Lichte, Thuringia, in 1843.

The reason Heubach figures are so special is because in 1863 the company started a school for porcelain sculpting, and trained their artists to create naturally expressive faces with distinctive hairstyles and quirky features, like dimples.

It was the deep, intaglio-cut, painted eyes that gave their piano babies the depth of realism they are famous for. Most Heubach babies, by the way, are boys.

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Piano Baby value and price guide

What's your Piano Baby worth? Here are some recently sold items.

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Comments (8)
Rebecca - July 9, 2020
Large 12" - 13" piano girl holding cup from germany
Karen - November 13, 2018
Hello. I inherited this piano baby. I am not sure if it is a Heubach or not. It has the numbers 6985 engraved on the bottom side. I am interested in finding out the value.
Not sure... There were more manufacturers, like Kewpie: Kewpie Piano Babies.
Lane - March 18, 2017
I have a very old piano baby and do not know who made it or its possible value. Any direction would be wonderful.
I'm not an expert and there were so many made. Most were made by Heubach. What you could do is search through Google images and look for piano babies with the same features as yours: heubach piano babies.
Tracy - February 27, 2015
I have this piano baby. It was my mom's who has not passed. is anyone interested in purchasing her. she is in mint condition
If someone is interested I'll let you know. You could also try selling it locally if you're in a hurry.
Butch - January 21, 2015
I have one like this. She sits 14 inches tall and was wondering the price. She is for sale.
Barb - August 28, 2012
I have one exactly like this, it was a gift to me when I got married because I played the piano. My aunt and uncle collected antques and said this one was rare because of her size. I'd love to know more about her!
Kathleen - February 15, 2012
Would you please email me the value of the piano baby shown above and what year it was made. I have one exactly like her that was my mother's and I'm trying to find the information for out family geneology. Thank you!
I can't remember where I got this picture, but you can try and find your piano baby through these pictures to see if you can find yours.
Christeen - April 25, 2011
What is the price on the piano babie shown above?
I am sorry that one is not for sale, but for illustration only.