Looking for Pizza Hut toys like the Land Before Time Pizza Hut Puppets? Discover lots of toys from the 70s, 80s and 90s and expand your collection with rare and difficut to find toys.

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Updated: 16 March 2021

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Pizza Hut value and price guide

What's your Pizza Hut worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
1994 barbie pizza party skipper doll pizza hut 1994 Barbie Pizza Party Skipper Doll Pizza Hut... 07/2021 £26.69
1983 grumpy care bear drinking glass pizza hut 1983 Grumpy Care Bear Drinking Glass Pizza Hut... 07/2021 £7.18
blinky bill pizza hut hand puppets nutsy 1990s Blinky Bill Pizza Hut Hand Puppets Nutsy 1990s... 07/2021 £10.39
1997 pizza hut star wars c 3po to go box 1998 1997 Pizza Hut Star Wars C 3po To Go Box 1998... 07/2021 £11.53
matchbox tractor trailer semi truck 1981 Matchbox Tractor Trailer Semi Truck 1981... 07/2021 £5.73
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021£-.--

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