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The notion of "learning through play" was the inspiration of two women who worked for the Schroeder Lumber Company in Milwaukee. Former teachers, they based the very first Playskool designs on educational tools they had used in their classrooms in 1928. Starting it all off was a folding wooden desk filled with fun learning supplies like crayons, blocks and clay.

The earliest Playskool catalogues featured that desk as well as other sturdy toys like a collapsible wooden dollhouse (with four rooms and a "sun parlor") and a shoemaker's bench.

By the late 1960s, Fink and Meythaler were ready to retire. They sold the brand to the MB (Milton Bradley) Company, then best known for board games, and Playskool entered the modern era with a bang--or rather a "zap:" Playskool became the first brand to make electronic toys for preschoolers, beginning in the late 1970s with Playskool Alphie, a chunky and chatty robot. His cutting-edge talents included playing music and simple guessing games. Alphie was just the start of a long line of Playskool high-tech toys that have entertained and inspired young minds.

In 1984 both Playskool and Milton Bradley were bought by Hasbro. As a result, Playskool became the new home of those famous spuds, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, as well as the GLOWORM and other early childhood classics.

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Comments (19)
Steve - November 29, 2021
My daughter is expecting her first child in April. She had a 1995 my very soft pet puppy dog, plush squeaker toy, black and white. I still have the original, but it is in very poor condition. I would love to find one and give it to her at her baby shower. Any help would be appreciated.
Congrats! Not sure where to get one... You could try this page though: Playskool Puppy to see if you can find yours.
Amanda - September 4, 2020
I have a vintage 1950s playskool wooden pull wagon in excellent condition. The only thing is that I don't have the blocks that go with. What would this item be valued at with no blocks?
Not sure, you could have a look here: Playskool Pull Wagon to compare some prices.
Ada - June 17, 2020
Looking for a 1996 Snuzzles Elephant!
Hi there, try this page: Playskool Elephant.
Travis - February 17, 2020
Hello! I'm trying to determine what vintage Playskool toy I found the other day. It's a hard plastic pink bunny rabbit with tuft of hard plastic purple hair above his eyes. It's designed to hold in your hand and inside the handle are two piano-like keys, one purple, one white, and depressing these keys either make the mouth move or the arms and hair move. It was made in Hong Kong and there's no date, but I can tell it's pre-1990s, possibly pre-1970s. Does anyone have any ideas and information that will help me identify this toy?
No idea, sorry! They made so many toys.. ;-) Don't for get to also search for Playskool Bunny to see if you can find yours...
Diane - October 4, 2019
My daughter has started collecting playskool familiar places sets. She has McDonald’s, Texaco, HolidY Inn and soon KFC. How many were different sets are there?. Rumor has it There was a national parks set too
Nice collection! Yep, there was a national park set too. Check some out here: Playskool National Park.
Kathy - August 29, 2019
I have an old wooden tanker type truck. It is L=12", W=5", H= 4", and 3 pounds. It is stained- no paint, wooden wheels, the headlights, tail lights are tacks nailed in; there are also three tacks across the top. Nails hold the turning wheels on. It is not a pull toy. It has PLAYSKOOL stamped on the bottom in old blue/black ink. I think I remember them in my kindergarten playroom in 1970. How old is it? and what is it's worth?
Hi there! I'm not sure... You could have a look here to see if you can find yours: Playskool wooden trucks.
Liz - June 22, 2019
Hello i am after a playskool lady bug pram from the 1990s if anyone has one as they were very sturdy
Difficult to find, but who knows... I'll forward any messages I get.
Gerard - February 13, 2019
ik heb een playskool auto met sleutels. met die sleutels kan je verschillende onderdelen van de auto openen auto komt uit 1992. heeft iemand zo een auto te koop?
Misschien staat er eentje op marktplaats?
Margaret - October 22, 2017
I have a set of 2013 Playskool Alphabet blocks that is missing the "L" block. Does anyone have one that they would sell?
Otherwise try this page for blocks: playskool alphabet blocks.
Lori - August 25, 2017
I have a Playskool Playcase that I'd like to know more about. It is a small laptop desk that opens to a peg board and lots of farm animals..cows, horses, pigs, and sheep that stick in the holes. I can't find anything about it.
Me neither! There's one for sale on eBay right now for 15 USD, but without pegs and animals: Playskool Playcase.
Eric - January 1, 2015
Hello, I have noticed that there are several vintage toys that Playskool made and Fisher-Price also made a similar toy. There is good documentation of when F-P toys were made, but I am having a difficult time identifying when the: lace up shoe (without wheels as well as with wheels), milk carrier, rock-a-stack (with clown) were made. My father worked for F-P during this time and often talked about "toy spies"...I know that this spying went both ways, I am very curious who copied from whom at which juncture. Any help you have in identifying Playskool production years for toys would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Eric Smith
That would indeed be very interesting, I am afraid I can't help you with this...
Ellen - September 5, 2014
I have a Playskool clock in the shape of a yellow duck with an orange beak and feet. The base is green, the numbers on the clock are green and the hands of the clock are green. It looks very, very early. I can't find anything on this! Where can I find information about early Playskool toys and their value? Thanks
Kent - July 27, 2014
How can I figure out the exact age and value of a Playskool United States Map Puzzle, Model 770? It is an inlaid wooden jigsaw puzzle which includes pieces for the lower 48 states and painted outlines of Alaska and Hawaii. The board is blue and the box for it is yellow. I think it was given to me in the late 1960s.
I cannot tell you the exact age, since they were made from the beginning of the 1960s until the late 1970s, maybe even the beginning of the 1980s. Maybe look through these images on Google and try to find the exact same as you have.
Kent - July 27, 2014
Thank you for your answer. The second image with the yellow box on the Google page, for which you posted the link, looks like mine. However, I am positive that mine is not any newer than 1970 and I am fairly certain that it is older than that. My best guess is that I received it in 1968 or 1969, probably the later. However, it would be nice to have some definitive information about it if such information exists. Thank you again for your help.
Darcel - January 11, 2014
im looking for a spelling toy. i think it might be from put a card in it and you push these buttons that spell out a looking for the name of it
Probably from the Playskool Match Ups series: Playskool Match-Ups.
Leah - April 29, 2013
I have a vintage playskool spell and send mailbox mint in box and can't find it anywhere online to price it....any ideas?
No idea, but according to this manual: spell 'n send mailbox manual it's from 1995, so I don't think it has much value. You can try selling it on eBay though.
Nancy - December 7, 2011
Were Playskool Toys ever made with lead paint? I have a wagon with alphabet blocks from the 1970's and my daughter is worried about the paint. My granddaughter loves these blocks.
Hello, Hasbro is now the owner of Playskool. Best is to contact them directly with your question through this link.
Lauren - June 24, 2011
Hello,I have come across a Playskool toy labeled no 42 chicago Illinois. I can find nothing out about it! It is plastic red/orange and white in color with three musical wheels yellow, blue and same red/orange color. I can send you a picture. Thank you for any help.
I think it's called the 'Toy Toddler Wheel Bells' with the sound of bells as the color wheels are turned. On eBay there was one for sale for 12 USD but didn't sell.
Mike - December 17, 2010
I have a Playskool Giraffe game. It is probably one of the hardest items to locate anywhere on the net. I have pictures if you can send me an e-mail. I am just looking for so information on this item. Last one that popped up anywhere from what I can tell is June of 2009.
Did you try searching for: 'Playskool Giraffe'?