Probe is a word game where players have to guess each other's hidden words. An activity deck spices things up by revealing letters or altering scores. No player is left out of the game because even if their word is revealed, they continue to guess opponent's letters to score points.

In the most basic form of the game, the turn-holding player asks any other player if he has a particular letter of the alphabet hidden on his display rack. If the answer is "no", play simply passes to the next player in sequence. Otherwise, the player turns up any one card showing that letter, and play continues for the turn-holder, who may address another question to the same player or switch to a different player. His turn ends when he finally gets a "no" answer. If any cards were turned up, the point values underneath them are added to turn-holder's score. If any were the last card of a word, a 50-point bonus is added. If the turn ended by asking for a blank (and hearing "no"), a 50-point penalty is assessed.

"Probe is the most provocative game of words since the invention of the modern alphabet. Two, three or four may play with a single set, or two sets may be combined to accomodate up to eight people. Played progressively, Probe is true party game for any number of people.

Each player selects a secret word of 12 letters or less, and the other players try to guess it letter by letter. No player is ever left out. Even if his word is guessed, he remains in the game right to the end.

Probe is a game that adults play together and thoroughly enjoy. Children can play with adults or by themselves. Since simple words are often hard to guess, it isn't necessary to hide a long and difficult word in order to win."

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