The Ralston Toy and Novelty Company, or Ralstoy, was founded in Ralston, Nebraska, in 1939.

Best Toys Co.

Combining surviving molds and dies from Best Toy Co. of Manhattan, Kansas, and Kansas Toy Co. of Clifton, Kansas, the former Mayor of Ralston, Dr. Felix Despecher, started producing inexpensive slush-mold toys. When Dr. Despecher died and World War II dominated the need for lead and other metals, successor Paul Massey turned to making wooden toys. When the war was over, the first Ralstoy diecast models were produced. Some, but not all, Ralstoys have the Ralstoy name on them, due to the inheritance of dies from the other companies.


Current models are being produced as promotional items for moving companies and others.

Contact Ralstoy

I couldn't find any official website, and I think Ralstoy became Ralston in later years.

Ralston Toy & Novelty Co
5707 S 77th St
NE 68127
tel. 402-331-6988

Updated: 5 July 2020

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Ralstoy value and price guide

What's your Ralstoy worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
1950s ralstoy fruehauf truck trailers set unused 1950s Ralstoy Fruehauf Truck Trailers Set Unused 09/2021 £108.70
ralstoy 26 die cast semi trailer verity son moving Ralstoy 26 Die Cast Semi Trailer Verity Son Moving 09/2021 £130.07
ralstoy us van lines semi truck trailer Ralstoy Us Van Lines Semi Truck Trailer 09/2021 £87.33
7 winross steelcase 1974 diecast semi trucks ralstoy 7 Winross Steelcase 1974 Diecast Semi Trucks Ralstoy 09/2021 £47.82
ralstoy tractor grain bed nº 3 4 in box jrd cij Ralstoy Tractor Grain Bed Nº 3 4 In Box Jrd Cij 10/2021 £41.46
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021£-.--

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Comments (13)
Terry - June 7, 2020
Are replacement stickers/decals available for Phillips 66 Gasoline Tanker Trailers?
No idea... I can't find them...
John - November 1, 2018
I have a ralstoy 16 trailer that has a four winds logo on it can u please tell me more about this info
Probably around 10-12 USD.
Bob - February 18, 2016
I have a wood Ralstoy PT 2 boat about 8.5 inches long in very good condition. Is there information on other Ralston wooden boats?
Paula - October 28, 2015
Ralstoy 3 (Orange Ford) Truck, and Ralstoy 12 Ralston, NEBR. trailer advertising Allied Van Lines, Jobbers Warehouse Company Aberdeen, S.D. Can you advise how to find out the value?
I always use this trick: go to ebay dot com (you don't have to be a member), type in what you look for (for example 'Ralstoy 3') and click search, now on the left side you see a menu, select 'completed items' or 'sold items' under 'Show only' and there you go!
Dana - July 6, 2015
I found a United Van Lines Roosevelt Van and Storage metal truck. It says: Hollywood, Calif. HO 3-5165 PO 3-4103 ST 1-1410 on the outside. It says Ralstoy 16 and Ralston Webr. On the inside. Any idea if it has any value? I can't find one like it online
Usually these Ralstoy 16 trucks go for 10 to 20 USD, rarely up to 40.
Peter - April 12, 2015
Can or will you make these trucks for me?
I'm not the official Ralstoy dealer so I cannot help you. See the contact details how to contact them.
Peter - April 9, 2015
I would like to purchase some Diecast Ralstoy 22 type trucks in our Company colors. I had purchased some from you a long time ago and would like to re-order. Thanks.
Hi Peter! Unfortunately this is not the official Ralstoy website. I don't think they have a website and I don't know if they still produce trucks. See description for their contact info.
Jim - December 12, 2013
whats the value of a wooden jeep. it has ralstoy stamped on the bottom. it has 78 hr-1 on both doors.
Can't find any info on this jeep... sorry!
Larry - December 22, 2012
I have approx. 20 Ralstoy trucks handed down to me. All have a "number".....eg. Ralstoy 4, Ralstoy 16, etc. What does the # mean ? Thx
Doesn't the # stands for 'number'? Lots of diecast producers simply numbered their vehicles during the production. Sometimes '1' is the first they produced, OR '1' the smallest vehicle, or just simply for identifying them.
Tak - June 30, 2012
The same Ralstoy 22 step vans are still being made in Ralston, Nebraska as a promo item. I ordered some for GE in the late 1990s, cost me about $8 each new, with a minimum order of 500. Your Mac truck is worth $5 - $15, depending on the condition of the paint. They are all over EBay; they got real hot a few years ago to the point that some brought $45 - $60, but have fallen off since. Collectable if you like the company on the side of it, pretty much a little delicate toy.
Jim - October 23, 2011
i picked up an old ralstoy van that is yellow and says mac tools its wheels sqeak when it moves it says ralstoy 22 and under it it says ralston.nebr.u.s.a can someone please tell me how old it is and what its worth
You can try and search on this website for 'ralstoy 22'
Jeff - December 8, 2010
I just picked up an old Ralstoy semi truck with trailer.
Pat - October 27, 2010
Hi, I have a set of Ralstoy Fruehauf Tractors and Trailers that my grandpa gave me. They are 1/4 scale and it includes 3 tractors and 4 trailers. These have never even been taken out of the box. The box looks old, but the trucks are like brand new. Can someone tell me what something like this might be worth.
Thanks, Pat