Gather or purchase the items that make up a reborn doll, and work you way up. The best way to start is usually by finding a doll base that you can recreate, in order to have a building foundation.

You can do this by picking up any doll at a store or thrift store, and removing all of it's character features, such as eyes, hair, and any paint using a gentle paint stringent. You will have to find replacements to customize your doll in any manner that you like, which are available on several places on-line.

reborn kitYou will also want to include anything like glue, new paints, and craft scissors. You will want a basic rooting kit in order to create hair, unless you choose to use a full wig, which can take some of the realism away from the finished product. A good rooting kit will come with needles, pliers, a comb, and in some cases a mister to fix the hair once it is applied.

Embellishments for the face are very important, so don't forget to have items like eyelashes on hand. You can buy these in different sizes and thickness, and in different colors. Clear lashes are also available, which can have color added to them separately.

Clothes are sold separately, but you can also make your own. Most reborn doll kits have a little package of clothing accessories like beads, patches, and bows to add.

reborn doll kits

All of this can seem a little complicated, so if you are just starting out you may want to try using premade doll heads, which have already been molded to look like a real baby's. All extra features can be added from there to customize it.

Reborn Kit value and price guide

What's your 'Reborn Kit' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK):

Item Title Date sold Price
Reborn Baby Ophelia Rare Sold Out Doll Mar 2019 £ 1 584,01
Reborn Baby Doll Mick Kit Adrie Stoete May 2019 £ 500,00
Stunning Reborn Toddler Baby Doll Ava Mar 2019 £ 424,00
Realistic Reborn Baby Girl Weighted Tru Apr 2019 £ 382,71
Little Pebble Nursery Reborn River Le Feb 2019 £ 328,54

Take a look at all sold Reborn Kit items on eBay for a value indication. If you're not sure what you have, you can post your question below.

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Jackie - April 9, 2014

Where can i get a head already done as ive never done a reborn before so om a little lost as what and where to find lots that are not really expensive x
►reply: Try and search for reborn doll heads on this website.

June - April 20, 2013

I have now done several dolls myself and gotten progressively better with each one. What I would like to know is how much does it cost for an artist to sculpt a new doll? I cannot find a suitable head for recreating my grand daughter as a doll. Thanks
►reply: I think it really depends on the quality of the things you use to sculpt the doll like paint, hair, etc. The better the more expensive but of course more 'real looking'.

Mj.h - May 16, 2011

How much does a beginners new born kit cost?? and does it come in pieces like arms, legs eyes? Is it easy to make? and what does it involvethanks MJ
►reply: Prices vary, so you can sort on price and ask sellers on eBay questions about what the kit contains.

Kim - February 4, 2011

send me link about doll kits for beginners
►reply: Here are are some reborn starter kits for sale. And you can also look on Amazon for reborn doll books.