W. S. Reed Toy Co., Loeminster, Massachusetts, 1875 - 1897.

Whitney S. Reed specialized in construction sets and lithographed paper-on-wood. Patented one mechanical bank, "The Old Lady in the Shoe".

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Barton Love Disarmed 12 Place Setting 08/2019 £7 669.73
Clocks Pre 1900 Turret Clock Movement By 08/2019 £4 500.00
Barton Les Six Fleurs Sterling Silver 09/2019 £3 517.90
Tiffany Ed Edge Sterling Silver Set For 08/2019 £3 126.59
Barton Georgian Rose Sterling Silver 07/2019 £2 739.18

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Comments (3)

Butch - January 16, 2015
I'm looking for "prince" locomotive made by Reed Toy Co. Paper litho on wood. Part of Boston and Maine RR.
Do you mean the loc which is originally part of this set: Reed Boston Train? It will be tough to find one...

Maxine - February 15, 2013
I am interested in buying your Rock, Paper, Scisssors die game(4 sets) Thank you.Maxine Polley
I don't have that game, sorry. You were probably looking at one of the listings I have on this page from eBay.

John - February 19, 2012
I\'m looking for a biblically oriented construction set that uses blocks with references to parables on one side and images of the parables on the opposite side. The blocks came in a box that looked like a church (the roof being contained inside the box).
Is this the one you\'re looking for? From Bliss Mfg.?