The Roddy Doll Company started in 1934 in Southport as Toy Time Toys LTD.

The first Roddy dolls were made from composition and later also with cloth. Most were unmarked, which make them quite hard to identify today, unless they come with their original boxes. Production was ceased at the beginning of WW2 and later resumed again in 1945.

From 1948 Roddy Dolls used 'hard plastic' and injection moulding. The moulds were lent to them by the US (as part of the Marshall Plan). These moulds were quite detailed, with some having open mouths with teeth, tongues and dimples. The early Roddy dolls were shiny and became pale when exposed to sunlight. The eyes were made from metal and decals. Later, the dolls were made from a flesh coloured matt plastic, and the eyes had a blue iris with the eyelash moulded onto it.

By the mid 1960's the firm was sold. The dolls became 'Bluebell' dolls, but they still often had the name 'Roddy' on them, because some were cast from the old moulds. Manufacturing of these Bluebell dolls ceased in 1974 and Denys Fisher became the new owner of the company.


Usually marked on the back as: Roddy, Made in England by Roddy Dolls.

Updated: 9 April 2020

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Comments (5)
Stuart - April 3, 2020
The Roddy doll factory in Southport opened in 1934...!!!
Great, thanks for the info!
Anette - October 12, 2019
Received 4 Roddy dolls today, for FREE. So super excited!! I am from South Africa
Wow, nice! Good luck with them!
Lydia - June 4, 2019
I inherited a Roddy doll and I don't know what it's worth or anything. It came from a great aunt that I wasn't really close with and I had never even heard of Roddy dolls so I'm looking for any info. Thanks
Hi, have a look on my page under 'sold items'. You can find more if you click on the link under them.
Julie - April 6, 2012
How much is a roddy doll worth
Depends on age, wear and tear, and demand. Check ebay to find what your doll can fetch.
William - April 3, 2012
when was the first roddy dolls made in england
Can't find the exact year I'm afraid, 1950s for sure.