Romie has been making dolls since 1989 and currently sculpts her babies from scratch, without the use of any molds, to be reproduced into vinyl kits.

In 2010 she started producing very small editions of solid silicone babies which have become her main focus now. Romy sculpts the dolls in clay, and then reproduces these into soft silicone, which are then painted and rooted. These reborns are offered in very small editions, only 10 dolls or less.

She got the 2013 Collii Award for her Lennox Silicone doll.

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Romie Strydom Reborn value and price guide

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Item Title Date sold Price
A Romie Baby Full Bodied Solid Silicone Apr 2019 £ 16 683,74
A Romie Baby Full Bodied Solid Silicone Apr 2019 £ 9 139,62
Brownyn Sold Out Limited Edition Painted Apr 2019 £ 279,70
Cianne Romie Strydom Reborn Baby Doll Mar 2019 £ 225,00
Reborn Doll Cianne Sculpted By Romie Mar 2019 £ 100,00
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Sandra - November 4, 2014

hey I looking for a silicone to love