'Rosebud Kitmaster' was the name of a range of plastic Model Railway kits produced in the UK by the Rosebud doll company under the name 'Rosebud Kitmaster Limited', from 1959 until 1962. The range consisted of 34 kits of locomotives & carriages in OO, HO and TT scales.

Due to financial problems, they sold the existing stock and tools to Airfix Products Ltd. in 1963. Airfix reintroduced some of the British Locomotives with some slight modifications but the coaches and the Continental Locomotives were not re-issued. Some of the locomotives, from the same tools, are still available today under the Dapol name.


Rosebud Kitmaster value and price guide

What's your 'Rosebud Kitmaster' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK):

Item Title Date sold Price
Beyer Garratt Kitmaster Rosebud Look In Apr 2019 £ 75,00
Bandai Rx 93 V2 Hi V Gundam Plastic Apr 2019 £ 53,47
Diy Hobby Kit Master Wargaming Terrain Apr 2019 £ 70,00
Plastex Plastic Repair Kits Rigid May 2019 £ 62,78
Kitmaster Rosebud Giant Swiss Crocodile Apr 2019 £ 60,00

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