Rushton dolls

Mary Rushton from Atlanta, founded The Rushton Company in 1917 and Wight, her daughter, designed most of the dolls and stuffed animals. Until 1983 the firm was family owned and operated.

Rubber, plush and cotton

Rushton's dolls were made of the best materials. Rayon, plush and cotton stuffed with top grade products. The sewed-in eyes did not pull out, and the noses were embroidered by hand. Tongues were made of felt & the bows of satin.

Rushton Star Creation

Rushton made hand painted, rubber dolls and rubber faced animals from the 1950's until the 1960's. It was one of Rushton's most popular toy lines and consisted of many different toy stuffed Bunnies, monkeys, Rushton Santa, cats, ducks and other animals and figures with rubber faces.

Updated: 1st August 2020

Rushton Dolls value and price guide

What's your Rushton Dolls worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
rushton rubber face lamb thorens music box that works Rushton Rubber Face Lamb Thorens Music Box That Works 07/2021 £1 643.77
1950 s deer bambi rubber face plush stuffed animal rare 1950 S Deer Bambi Rubber Face Plush Stuffed Animal Rare 10/2021 £1 114.60
the rushton company rubber faced baby duck plush doll The Rushton Company Rubber Faced Baby Duck Plush Doll 09/2021 £1 114.60
rushton star creation rubber face smoking snowman rare Rushton Star Creation Rubber Face Smoking Snowman Rare 09/2021 £1 005.70
rushton star creation rubber face easter bunny rabbit Rushton Star Creation Rubber Face Easter Bunny Rabbit 08/2021 £877.06
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021£-.--

Rushton Dolls forum

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Comments (154)
Malcolm - October 27, 2021
Hi there, I have a Rushton rubber faced elephant which I got in the 1950's. Today after decades of use he is falling apart. The material is almost non-existent and the rubber face needs work to repair some holes and cracks. Do you know any where that restores these vintage toys. Thank you.
Adam - October 24, 2021
Hello , I just joined this platform lol. Do any of you know how much the My Toy type rubber face go for?
Have a look here for some prices: Rushton dolls My Toy.
Sherry - August 23, 2021
Don’t know if this is a knock off but it’s the only one I saw with eyebrows and lashes painted on. My husband was willed his mothers house and found it just sitting in a room I had never been in. Any info would be appreciated. He is for sure 50s or older.
No idea sorry... You can ask in the Facebook group 'Let's ID our dolls', maybe someone there knows more.
Tammy - July 24, 2021
I have a monkey with tag what is it worth it has a 1960 date on tag
No idea, have a look here for prices: Rushton Monkey 1960.
Kimberly - July 14, 2021
I have Zip the Monkey his tag reads "All New Material contents cotton and shredded synthtic clippings made in Taiwan Pennsylvania REG. NO 66 what is it worth
Ryan - May 23, 2021
Hi, I’m looking to find information about 2 of these Rushton dolls I have. I’ve attached an eBay link below and this is the only similar one I can find (different outfit). Feel free to email me if you know any details. Thanks!
Lisa - April 13, 2021
I had a blue and white with pink ribbons pajama Ruston doll late 60’s early 70’s. I would love to find one to purchase and to know the value of this doll. I have a pic of it if you need one.
Cassandra - March 28, 2021
Hello, I’m getting a vintage dog plushie soon! Can you find any rushton dolls with sleepy blue eyes with blue shadow and brown-ish hair?
Chris - February 25, 2021
I'm trying to identify the doll shown in the link below. I believe it might be a Rushton doll, but I can't find a photo of a similar one online.
Cristy - February 5, 2021
This is my Rushton doll that my great grandmother gave to me in the 70s! I’m just wondering if she is worth anything? She’s been in storage for a while.
Very difficult to put a price tag on it... I suggest looking here or on eBay if you can find yours: Rushton Baby dolls.
Ohtobeacow - January 5, 2021
If anyone has a rushton cow or calf they’d be willing to sell for $100 or less please contact me I am desperate!
Also look here: Rushton cow.
Susan - December 14, 2020
I’d like to know why my Santa has a white belt and others have black? Also his suit is made of a felt material and others I’ve seen are a fluffy material. Wondering if this designates a certain year they we’re made? There is a tag on his back and Rushton on the white boots. Thank you.
Elizabeth - December 11, 2020
Wondering what you feel the value of this rushton fox doll is and do you happen to know what year it is from?
There is a similar fox for sale right now on eBay for about 390 USD (of course, I don't know if it will sell for that) Don't know the exact year, sorry.
Rhonda - December 9, 2020
Hi! This has a Rushton tag on it so it’s legit. I haven’t seen one of these anywhere and wondering if someone can tell me what it’s worth? Thank you so very much!!!
Jeanalys - December 3, 2020
Hi! I'd like to let people interested know that I am selling this Crying Rushton Bear! :D Thank you!
Mickey - November 21, 2020
I was given this doll (Rosie) by a coworker who was worried it would be thrown away by her adult children. There’s no tag or badging that I can find, and her torso feels like a large block of memory foam (likely modified at some point). The face looks reasonably close to the Rushton clowns. I’m just curious about the new addition to my small collection, so any information would be appreciated!
Not sure if this is a Rushton. There is a Facebook group called 'Let's ID Our Dolls'. You could try there as well, maybe these group members know more.
Tamera - November 12, 2020
Help identify my bunny. When was she born? And her birthday? Ty
I have no idea, sorry. You could try this page to see if you can find yours: Rushton Bunnies.
Alicia - November 11, 2020
How do I tell if this is a Rushton Santa? Thanks
Difficult to say. Look at other Rushton Santa's and try to find a similar one.
Pat - October 22, 2020
Hello everyone, can anyone help identify this old-timer? I was born in 1957 and this was my teddy. Obviously it's been through some hard times... lots of hugs and being attacked by a family dog. The cloth material is original. Stuffing could be kapok.
Jen - October 19, 2020
I can not find this guy anywhere. I am convinced it is a Rushton. If anyone has any info that would be swell.
He certainly needs a bit of a TLC, that's for sure :-)
Evon - October 13, 2020
I just put two rushton monkeys on eBay I guess they are pretty common no bids! One is blue on pink.
If they are common, it's important to make compelling and engaging auction titles to attract buyers, and to be slightly cheaper than others :-)
Kelly - October 4, 2020
I have, what might be, 2 Rushton Santas. I have had one since I was little. last year I came across another that looks identical, but has a music box in it. I was astonished to see another "creepy face" Santa (as my kids call it). So of course, I bid on it at a silent auction. How would I know and/or get details on them?
They made so many (Santa) dolls, it's incredible difficult to get information like production year, etc. on particular dolls Rushton made... You could have a look here to see if you can find yours, maybe some sellers have more info: Rushton Santa dolls.
Mcmikeymouselice - September 24, 2020
I found what im looking for and now im saving up for it
Do - September 16, 2020
im looking for a pink happy bear or just a duck
If you scroll down in the comments there are links to pink bears (comment of July 8, 2020) and ducks (comment of December 14, 2018).
Andy - September 13, 2020
I need help on one of Rushton Co Rubber football players. Haven’t been able to find one other then, the one with RAM on per say helmet. Could you give me Some information on it and perhaps what it would be worth If anything.
I could only find one football player by Rushton, without RAMS on the helmet and different looks for about 9 USD. I can't find much info on them unfortunately. There is one for sale WITH the word RAMS on the helmet for 2500 USD. Not sure if it will get sold for this amount.
Rebecca - September 12, 2020
I have a hobo with a cigar he has cloth hands and cloth shoes
Look here for some prices: Rushton Hobo.
Jean - September 11, 2020
Hi, My original Clancy the Clown is missing his creepy molded removable hands, any idea where I can get replacements?
I'm afraid that would be really difficult, without buying the same doll for parts.
Jean - July 8, 2020
Hello. I am looking for the Pink Rushton Bear. Can pay immediately for it! Been trying to find it for months.
Hi, maybe try here: Rushton Pink Bear.
Bree - July 2, 2020
I just started collecting rushton dolls but I don’t know if there are any stores that sell them so do you know any stores that do?
Hi Bree! These dolls are not made anymore, so best is to check charity shops and auction sites.
Bree - July 1, 2020
Hi I have been looking for a good place to buy rushton dolls but I’ve been having some trouble I’m mostly looking for a rushton rubber face cat
Joe - May 12, 2020 having trouble with location of rushton doll company info... I happend to com across a rubber face monkey woth green hat an green shit with bow am seems i cn find it or info.. Please help
I saw one on this page with a green hat for about 40 USD: Rushton Monkey dolls.
Barbara - April 28, 2020
I have a "MY TOY" rubber faced standing tiger. It looks just like the Rushton one. Were they the same company? Does anyone know it's worth? The animal and tag are in great condition considerng it's age :)
Connie - April 24, 2020
Where or can I buy the pants for Zip the monkey?
Difficult to find. Have a look here: Zip The Monkey.
Jimmy - March 3, 2020
In the 60's i had a stuffed rabbit in top hat(mayby) and tails outfit, i looked at all the rushtons and it wasn't there, but a few of the faces seemed familiar. Are there any other manufacturers i might check out that you know of?
Not sure, but you could check out all rubber faced rabbits here to see if you can find yours.
Itene - February 12, 2020
I have a 1950 rubber faced teddy bear I would like to know more about. It was a gift from my aunt when I was 10.
I'm afraid I don't have much information on individual dolls by Rushton (they made so many!). Best is to try and find the same or similar as you have on this page: Rushton bears and you might find some information in the listings provided.
Frenchy - January 27, 2020
Does anyone know if Rushton made a baby lamb. I picked up a plush pale pink rubber face, little emerging horns, black hoofs with a back zipper with pocket? at an estate sale and I was wondering if it falls into the rush ton dolls. I can't find any comparable anywhere but it looks like one of thesethank you
Yes, Rushton made several lambs. Have a look here for a few: Rushton lambs.
Nancy - December 29, 2019
I was born in 1960. When I was little, I remember having a Billy Butts Goat. I do remember having the cute face version with the blue hair with horns. But I really don’t remember mine having red (inside) ears and I thought mine was made like a teddy bear (laying down). But the ones I’m seeing being sold, look like they’re standing on 4 legs. Was there different versions of this Billy Butts body? I know there were in the faces.
I have no idea, sorry! Rushton made so many different dolls and versions... You could have a look now and then on this page to see if you can find the one you had: Rushton Billy Butts.
Robbie - December 15, 2019
Hi, I worked at red racks thrift store where I found tons of Rushton plush toys but I found one that I can't seem to find online. it was a dog one that had a plush brown body in a sitting up position, plastic yellow head, smiling with it's tongue out (typical dog way) but it had no tail. It kind of looked like Pluto from Mickey mouse except it had eyelashes. Any pictures of what it may have been? I also found a plastic face that looks like it was ripped out of a Rushton plush (how rude!) And I can't tell which Rushton animal it is because it's plush body is missing I only have the plastic face. It has kind of a feminine look with sky blue eyelids, eye lashes, it's looking to the side and it's mouth is in an O-shape (hard to describe the mouth really). Anyway, have any idea what it is?
Difficult to say and I have no idea, sorry! I can only suggest to look on this page to see if you can find the one you're looking for: Rushton dogs.
Robbie - December 15, 2019
Can I see a list of what kind of animals were made by Rushton? I know bears, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, monkeys, ducks, horses, cows, pigs, donkeys, skunks and owls were a few of them.
Great question, and you already know more animals they made than me :-) I can add: giraffes, chipmunks, mice, squirrels and pandas (I even came across an E.T. alien Rushton, maybe not an animal, but still...) If other people know more, add them in your comment :-)
Linda - December 9, 2019
How can I determine if my 36" Rushton Plush Santa has a rubber vs Plastic or Vinyl face? He has white vinyl boots and white plush hands if that helps to make the determination.
Not sure, maybe another visitor knows more and I'll forward you the answers Linda!
Diane - December 6, 2019
When growing up in the 50's mom
I'm sorry, your question or comment didn't get through completely it seems...
Julie - November 30, 2019
I was given a Rushton what looks like a reindeer. I looked up for any information about it but couldn't find anything do you know anything about it? Thanks for your time and help. Julie
Hi, if you look on this page: Rushton Reindeer, and scroll down to the list with sold items, you'll find two different Rushton reindeers with prices. One was sold for 41 USD, the other for 133 USD.
Jolene - November 23, 2019
I have a Rushton Santa Clause for sale. He's has a colorful rubber face different than those on ebay with blue eye-makeup; cloth hands, white rubber booties w/an attached belt and collar. He's old yet awesome. If interested let me know please and thank you!
I'll forward any messages I get Jolene!
Kathy - November 15, 2019
I'm looking for a stuffed bunny pink/white with a tear drop on it's rubber face... late 50's or very early 60's.. Will pay top dollar.
I'll forward any message Kathy, hope you find this one!
Maisie - November 1, 2019
I work in an estate sale business. We liquidate estates for families when they inherit collections from loved ones. In a collection that is coming up for sale next year, we have found a small collection of Rushton face molds. How do we go about determining the value of these molds?
There was one for sale on eBay a while back for USD 85, but it wasn't sold. Also, I have seen a lot of these molds on the Worthpoint website, but there are no prices visible from these ended auctions, unless you have a paid subscription (which I haven't). You could subscribe to them, or sell one on eBay and see what it fetches.
Asher - October 14, 2019
Hello, I'm looking for a rubber faced sheep!
That's cool :-) Look for rubber toy sheep and rubber faced sheep on this website and you might find a few. Good luck!
Mary - September 29, 2019
I am looking for the Elf dressed in all white there is a picture of it on the website but it won’t let me buy it
Not sure which website you're referring to. Seems that there are only red ones for sale on eBay right now, but you could check here later, maybe someone will put one up for sale: Rushton Elf.
April - September 21, 2019
I have a boy and girl cowboy set. I cant seem to find them anywhere. I would like to sell them but have no idea how to price them. Any help would be appreciated.
I'm sorry, I can't find them either...
Veronica - September 5, 2019
Hi, I have a Rushton mink that was given to me when I was born. Is there anywhere I can get more info about it? I would like to get it restored as it’s well loved.
Can't tell you much about your doll.
Mike - August 12, 2019
I have an all brown teddy bear plastic eyes cloth black nose and tongue showing, also cloth. Lime green ribbon at the neck. Around 16" long. I'm trying to date and value it. Any help appreciated.
Sorry, no idea... You could try this page and see if you can find yours or a similar one: Rushton bears.
Les - July 20, 2019
Does anyone know what happened to the molds Ruston used to make their rubber faced dolls and plush toys?
Sharon - July 11, 2019
I have a clown that his your name on it he has a long noise i would sen a picture but i can't dont see it on this page
If you search for Rushton clowns, maybe you'll find yours.
Cindy - June 30, 2019
I have a Valentine white body, black ears, black paws, white tail skunk. Don't know how much to sell it for. Good condition. Rushton Star Creations.
April - June 13, 2019
I am selling a pink plush 12” vinyl face happy bear from Rushton if anyone is still interested. $750
Anne - May 17, 2019
Hi I’m looking for the same doll as Carol below.
April - April 30, 2019
I have an old clown doll that used to be clothed in a polka dot jump suit. It has long worn that out. It has a pretty face, not scary like the ones I have been able to find. Just looking to see what the value of him would be.
Hi April, Rushton made many different clown dolls. If you look at a few of them on this page: Rushton clowns, maybe you'll come across yours and you'll have an idea how much it is worth.
Megan - April 21, 2019
I have a stuffed dog still in it's original packaging, never opened. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of where to get info about it.
You could also look for Rushton dogs to see if you can find yours.
Carol - April 20, 2019
I'm looking for cloth doll with red and white body and a "Scooter" type face. It was probably made in the 1950's. It has a plastic face and 24" tall. Like a carnival doll only taller.
Ambir - April 2, 2019
I am looking for a rushton vintage winking skunk stuffed animal. Anyone have one to sell?
You could also search the listings on this page: Rushton skunk.
Steve - February 18, 2019
I have an Opus plush penguin from 1983. I worked as a toy rep in Texas and Rushton was one of the lines we represented. They got the license to sell an Opus penguin but went out of business in 1983. I kept one of the few toy show samples. It never went into production so only a few were made. Any ideas about the value?
Sounds indeed very unique, I'm sorry but I have no idea. If you want to sell, put it up on eBay for a longer period and see if there's interest.
Dick - January 5, 2019
Found one on line at amazon. I think it was $8.00. search under mini coke bottle, ornament.
Great tip! For those looking for one, here is a direct link to these bottles on Amazon: Mini coke bottle.
Paul - January 3, 2019
Our Santa was missing the Coke bottle for years. I found a small one in the gift shop at The World of Coca Cola in Atlanta.
Lucky you!
Dennis - December 28, 2018
I still have my first teddy bear, which I think may be a Rushton. It's 53 years old now. It has a rubber molded face, eyes closed, tear on the left cheek. It has no exposed ears but has a fold down brim, like it's wearing a baseball cap. The head material is white (as are the ends of the lower/back feet, while the body and hat brim are sort of an orange.Does this sound like a Rushton?Thanks!
If it has a rubber face and it's over 50 years old, chances are that you have a Rushton. You could always try Google images.
Sheila - December 24, 2018
looking for a gray cat with a rubber face mine was lost and i would love to have another if you could help
You can try this page, Rushton cat. Hope you find yours!
Jennifer - December 14, 2018
I am looking for a Rushton white duck with a rubber beak wearing a green or orange dress with knickerbockers and a Easter bonnet. My uncle really wanted to get one for my Aunt who in just the past two years has lost her mother, father, aunt, and a cousin. This plush played a big part in her child hood years and I have been searching everywhere to find one. Does anyone know where I can get one?
Really difficult to find a particular one, Rushton made so many! Look at this page now and then and maybe one day one will show up: Rushton duck.
Becky - November 30, 2018
I am looking for the coke bottle that Santa holds. I'm probably not the only one but still have to ask. Thanks!
Yep, there are more missing coke bottles :-) Have a look here now and then, maybe someday one will pop up: Rushton Santa Coke Bottle.
James - October 3, 2018
I found a rubberfaced dog puppy combination and the tag is a little worn but I think it reads Rushton. I can not find this dog and puppy combo anywhere. Looks a little like a cockerspanial with long ears. Does anyone know about this. anything will help. I'm trying to determine value.
No idea, try google images with 'rushton doll dog puppy' or just 'rushton doll puppy' maybe you find another one...
Susan - August 25, 2018
Have rubber face grandmother doll, was my grandmothers from some organization she belonged to. No idea of age, guessing 1950's or 1960's (she died in 1981). Doll has red felt shoes, red striped body and pinafore with purple skirt underneath and purple scarf, holding hands outward.Does anyone know about this doll and if it has any value past sentimental?
Hi, you can click on the link in the description under 'value', maybe you can find your doll there.
George - August 4, 2018
i have a 40 inch i guess santa that has the red letter edition name tag id like to know the difference between the blue name tag as to the red and whats the vaule if any thanx
Tv - June 16, 2018
Ashleigh, I have the fish you are looking for in excellent condition, pricey though.
I'll forward your message and let's see what happens. Its been a while since she posted.
Alisa - May 30, 2018
I am looking or a 1967 Rushton Jack doll in good shape; he's a 21" doll aka male Beasley Doll... he has red hair. I interested in one in good shape. Thank you.
Cheryl - May 30, 2018
I would like to know more about how Rushton got started. I have one of the rubber faced clowns that my grandfather got for me when I was 2yrs old back around 1964.
I'm afraid I don't have more history info than the description on this page.
Amanda - April 25, 2018
I have an unmarked plush bear that looks just like a chubby tubby but the face is slightly different. It also squeeks when you squeeze him. Any ideas? Thanks
Ann - April 5, 2018
I have a 1950's Rushton Chubby Tubby Plush, anyone interested?
Luwanda - March 22, 2018
I have a black and white rubber face feet and paw bear. In good condition. How can I find the value and sell it.
You can put it up for auction on eBay, there will definitely be collectors interested in it. Value is 70-160 USD.
Greg - March 14, 2018
Rushton made bear plush toys that did not have rubber faces and were more life-like but they must be rare? I have a 24" tall one but can't find any other examples of similar Rushton bears. Made in Atlanta, GA, USA. Anyone know of these?
You can also find a few on this page: Rushton bear so you can compare with yours.
Wayne - December 26, 2017
Why do the Rushton Santa's look to the right? Sort of spooky in a creepy way.
Good question! No idea... I noticed that a lot of dolls by Rushton look to the right. Yes, quite spooky :-)
Mary - December 2, 2017
I am looking for a Rushton bear. He is red or brown,has rubber face, he is sad with a tear drop, but his eyes are open. I had him as a child. Would like to find one again.
Try this page, maybe you get lucky: rushton bear.
Teresa - November 30, 2017
I own a Rushton Co. yellow santa. Does anyone know how much he is worth?
Difficult to find, I could only find a 'golden' Santa with a value of 85 USD.
Janet - November 26, 2017
I'm looking for information on a Happy Harvey Rushton Bunny - he's wearing a monocle, top hat. His top half is yellow, bottom half is pink. I found him in great condition going thru my mom's things after her passing.
Lot's of seller don't know the name of their Rushton bunny, so you could search for rushton bunnies and look for a similar one you have.
Ashleigh - October 20, 2017
Hello!! I'm looking for a Rushton Rubber Faced Fish. Does anyone have one for sale?Thanks!!
James - April 12, 2017
Hi.I have a 1978 Rushton freckled face country boy rubber face doll 22" tall red hair and a hat, I can't find anything on the boy, do you know his name?Thanks.
Margaret - February 9, 2017
My hobo differs from those I've seen here and on eBay:1) He has rubber hands and shoes, not cloth. He has the usual rubber face with cigar and rubber ears.2) his patched shirt has several vintage buttons: E.T., I Support the Guardian Angels, FLIP New York City, Star Wars Revenge of the JEDI. His cap has a small metal US Flag.3) His pants are held on by string.4) His 5 O'clock shadow is not just painted, it's "scratched" into the rubber.The tag is attached to his head under his cap, which explains its good condition. It states: "* a RUSHTON STAR creation" The * or star is red.Is my hobo rare? How often have you seen others like this?Thanks for your help!
Hi there, can't find anything on this one, sorry!
Sharon - February 3, 2017
My daughter who is now 52 had a doll similar to Mrs. Beasley but it came out before that television series. The dress was more aqua than blue like Mrs. Beasley. Is there any history to the doll my daughter had.
It's really difficult to find info on your daughter's doll. Maybe it's the Rushton Jill doll. Take a look at these pictures.
Chris - January 31, 2017
I was wondering... I recently got a Ruston doll that was my grandmas and its really dirty is there a certain way I should clean it?
Very carefully with a damp cloth the rubber face, the clothing I'm not so sure, sorry!
Valerie - January 4, 2017
I have been looking for a stuffed musical dog with a rubber face that played "doggie in the window". I stumbled onto this site and believe it is most likely a Rushton. It was an orange/brown color with cloth or felt ears. My brother had one when he was a child and I would love to find one for him.
Not sure, but you can try and search this site for Doggie In The Window, maybe one will pop up :-)
Diane - December 27, 2016
I have never forgotten my Tuddy (that my mother, ahhh, threw away!) He was about 15", had a sad face with three tears on it, I remember him being light brown. He had a rubber face and painted on hair; his ears were part of the rubber face. Anyone have one available or know where I could get another Tuddy?
Valerie - November 26, 2016
Hi Valerie, did you try this search? Look here: Rushton Santa doll. Hope you find one, sounds lovely!
Valerie - November 25, 2016
Sounds great! Yes, old Rushton dolls can sometimes be dirty and smelly...
Jim - November 19, 2016
I found a 15" crying bear in a box from a Auction and I cannot find any information on it or even 1 like it.i have looked on all the sites I can find and have looked at hundreds of pics and no luck. It is brown with a offwhite belly and paws eyes are closed with 3 years 2 on right eye and 1 on left check if you could give me any ideas were to look or could give me information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Sounds pretty rare!
Valerie - October 22, 2016
Rebecca - June 15, 2016
I have a Red Skelton Hobo doll made by The Rushton Company. He has red pants , a red and white shirt and a plaid flannel shirt . Im looking for a value on him and cant find anything. Im trying to sell him but without an idea , im stuck.
Rushton made different Hobo dolls in different outfits. Best is to look at all Hobos for sale on eBay. I guess it has a value between 20 to 50 USD.
Bonnie - April 4, 2016
Hi, I am looking for a large Rushton rubber face clown/hobo smoking a cigar. I think I got him around 1970 but he is lost. He had huge orangish feet with bright orange hair. He had blue legs with black torso. May have come with a sombrero Mexican hat, my memory is fading. Most unique was his huge orange feet. thanks
I think there are few for sale right now, take a look here.
Kari - March 31, 2016
Looking to replace my grandmas rushton deer that were lost in a flood. Please could you help me? Thanks, Kari
I'll have a look around Kari!
Judy - December 8, 2015
I am looking for a Rushton vinyl face black-and-white panda bear, made around 50's.
I noticed that it is difficult to find one when you specifically search for 'panda' however when you search for: Rushton bear I did find one or two. They are rare.
Marlene - July 14, 2015
Hi I have a Rushton vintage rubber face clown doll
Find more Rushton clowns here.
Melisss - May 29, 2015
Hi I'm looking for a pink crying pouty face teddy bear from around the early 60s. I know it has soft ears and the rubber face. I want to replace my mothers that was lost in a house fire. Thank you so much.
Did you try searching for a Rushton bear on this website?
Shawn - May 21, 2015
Hi im looking for the vtg Big Bad Wolf Stuffed animal rubber faced was made around the 1950 hes greeenish in color and siting down I know there are a few on Ebay but was hoping there might be so othere sites out there with him for sale !! Thank you for your time sincerely Shawn Speaks
Yes, there are a few for sale on ebay, look here: Rushton wolf, other than that I don't know...
Beatrice - April 24, 2015
I have a clown hobo doll. I received him around 1963-64, in Upstate NY or Pa. He has a green vest faded plaid pants, rust shoes or padded shoes, rust hat and a smile.
Jan - April 12, 2015
I have a very pretty face Girl Rushton Doll. She kinda looks like a pixie. All in pink fur, hat, ribbons, dimples, 3 little red curls for hair. I have googled looking for one like her, but no luck. Any idea what this little treasure is worth?
Susan - February 6, 2015
My dad gave me a pair of stuffed poodles when I was a child. One is black and the other white. Both have a collar with gold and alternate blue and pink flowers. The tag says Ruston Star Creation on one side and The Rushton Company, Atlanta, GA on the other side. Also a red c on that side. I did not see a picture of these and wanted to know more about them. My dad was in the automobile business and I thought he gave them to me from a new car showing but I may be wrong. Any information you can share would be appreciated. Thank you, Susan Garrett
Izzy - February 4, 2015
Please see my video on youtube on the vintage stuff animals I just found. Search for.....vintage stuffed animals. ..Montana ranch Toys. ....I need help identifying some toys....Thank you.
Redmond - December 21, 2014
I need the apron for my Rushton Coca Cola Santa. Thanks.
Bob - December 18, 2014
Did Rushton make dolls with sleep eyes? We have an unmarked 12" basset hound-ish looking stuffy with rubber face and extended snout with eyes that open and close. He is posed stretched out on his belly. His face gives off kind of a (Mickey Mouse) Goofy vibe. Haven't found anything like it yet in ebay listings or other online sources.
Joe - December 10, 2014
I am looking for a brown rushton donkey. I think from the 50s 60s
Jennifer - December 10, 2014
Found a Rushton cow, with bell and flower. Still in pretty good shape. Anyone know it's worth? moos.
Rushton made many cows, best is to take a look at this list of Rushton cows for value.
Coleen - December 5, 2014
I am looking for the Rushton donkey. My Mom missed one on eBay, yesterday. Any help finding the donkey would be appreciated.
If I am not mistaken the donky went went unsold so chances are that the seller might be putting it up again soon. Check this page regularly the coming days: Rushton Donkey, let's hope it shows up again soon.
Dee - October 11, 2014
To Julie - Sept. 30, 2014. I just bought one on EBay not knowing my sister had found for me as a surprise. I do not know if they will cancel the sale, if not, I am happy to sell to you for what I paid, if they refund me I can send you the link.
Julie - September 30, 2014
Hi, Im searching for the pink plush vinyl (rubber) face teddy bear. I have lost two of them, one as a toddler and then again as a teen. If anyone could help me locate another it would be much appreciated.
Sarah - September 19, 2014
Good Afternoon, I am on the hunt for a Rushton Star Collection Cat that had a crown, cape, and wand. My mother had one growing up but has long since lost all the pieces. If anyone could help me on this search it would be great.
Maybe here? rushton cat
Ciny - September 17, 2014
In the early 1960's my grandmother gave me a doll Its a baby sleeping with her head on a pillow. Her two hands are attatched to the pillow. She has no body or legs. Instead she has a gown that zips on the bottom to place your nite gown inside which is then placed on the bed. She has pink plush fabric and lace around the pillow. I love her dearly and if you can tell me something about her i' d appreciate it. Shes in pretty bad shape but I will never get rid of her..Im thinking of giving her a new gown what do you think?
Difficult to find more info on this doll Cindy, but I would definitely consider giving your precious doll a new gown, she deserves it!
Lisa - September 13, 2014
When I was a young girl, my grandparents got me a pink stuffed monkey. I loved that monkey and it never left my side until I was older. My brother in a major clean up accidentally took all my treasured toys to a donation drop off never to be seen again. I have searched and searched. I have learned that my treasured monkey was a Rushton rubber faced pink stuffed monkey with rubber feet, hands, ears and face. I would love to find one so I can replace the one I had as a child.
Thanks for sharing Lisa! Did you look through all rushton monkies on this site to see if you can find one like yours?
Kim - September 11, 2014
Trying to figure out if the dog I just got is Rushton. He is large with a rubber face and his long tongue out. No tags of any kind. Trying to figure out how much he is worth. ANy help where to look would be appreciated.
Carol - September 8, 2014
I have a brown Rushton crying pouty baby cute and excellent condition. what is the approx. value?
It depends because Rushton made different kinds of 'crying bears '. I've seen them on ebay go from 15 to 150 USD.
Brenda - August 18, 2014
I have two puppy dolls with rubber faces. They have yellow ears and tail and the body was a cinnamon color. There was also a squeak in the tail. They have a silly, goofy smile on their faces and the mouth is open. There is also two front teeth that are prominent. I think they may be Rushton toys but I don't know for sure. If anyone can give me more information I would appreciate it. I got them both around the late 1650s to early 1960s. They are not for sale.
Scott - July 21, 2014
I have a one that appears to be a one eye winking owldoes anyone know the age of this rubber face owl?
Maybe there is some info to be found in the listings right now on eBay: Rushton owls.
Anonymous - June 11, 2014
I am interested in buying about five or six of these little guys formy collection. I had a lot of them as a little girl. I live in Kirkwood, Mo.
If someone knows something, leave a message on this board and I'll forward it.
Shelley - June 10, 2014
I have a Rushton vintage Doll...Man looks Italian w a mohair Monkey and a paper pump organ w felt clothes,etc...cant find him anywhere...??? What is he...?
Janiece - May 4, 2014
Yesterday I came across a stuffed rooster whose rubber face resembles a Rushton rubber face. There is no tag to indicate the maker. He stands 16" to the top of his head and to the top of his red felt comb is approximately 18 inches. He's sporting a monocle, has a red and yellow vest with red felt buttons. The buttons have a jewel in the center. His "feathers" appear to be a mottled (sort of tie dyed look) yellow and greenish/blueish.Does this fellow ring any bells? Also, I have looked for information on Rushton Toys and don't find much. Is there a book you know of? Thank you for this website and forum which is helping in my research!
Joann - April 17, 2014
I have a Rushton rubber face doll. It is a hobo with a cigar in his mouth. He has felt hands and felt shoes. Can you tell me approx. how old he is? I can not find a date stamped on him anywhere. Thank you very much.
Chival - April 16, 2014
Big fan of Rushtons here!My collection sports Rushtons, My-Toy, Columbia, Bijou, Ideal, Knickrbocker. Most of my drawings are vintage toy themed.I frequently post pictures of Rushtons and other rubber/vinyl faced stuffed animals and toys to my Tumblr. Anybody else have blogs or pictures of their collections up? We should get a convention together of Rushton lovers.
Ms. - March 30, 2014
I have a large (18 in. tall)Rushton Star Creations Bear. It has the rubber face with closed eyes,tears and it is smiling. The tummy/inner ears are white the rest is a medium brown. Am looking to sell it, my kids are actually creeped out by it. Also have a Monkey I believe to be Rushton but the tag is long gone. It has a rubber smiling face, ears, hands and sneakers. The "hair" is close cropped/dark. It is yellow on the top with black pants.
Best place to sell is eBay I guess :-)
Dee - February 18, 2014
After serious cleaning in my basement/storage room, as I was going through all my plastic containers of vintage and new items, I came across this enchanting cute bunny Holland doll. She has a smiling face of a bunny with ears, and is wearing her Holland cap and wooden shoes (which are in a hard rubber), however, still the Holland era. She is in pristine condition. Her sweet apron skirt is intact, however, throughout the years have been replaced with a safety pin, since the button or snap was removed or lost. Her hat adorns a white see-through netting which has holes for her ears which are still intact. Only the sides of the cap have safety pins to keep it from being hastily removed. She has all her original clothing, and her sweet smiling face is ever so captivating. I can't seem to locate anyone who knows of this doll in any fashion; age, location, etc. Can anyone assist me? From her ears down to her feet she is close to 22" in length. I have photo's that I can send if anyone is interested. I'm downsizing, and I'm planning to list her on various auction sites, but I would like to get an idea on what she's selling for. Thank You.
Vicki - January 29, 2014
Looking for a vintage pink rushton rubber face bear with tears. I had it as a child, carried it everywhere. ( I have a picture of me holding it with my grandmother over 50 years ago)I gave it to my daughter. she brought it to college and lost it on the move back home. I see 9 inch bears on ebay. But remember "Pinky' as being bigger.Were there larger ones'bigger than 9 inches? Where can one purchase it?
Maybe it wasn't a Rushton? Can you estimate the length of the bear from your picture? If you don't mind I love such a picture for my page.
Kimberly - January 11, 2014
I have a Rushton Coke Santa also and am looking for the little bottle as well. He was a gift for my very first Christmas in 1966. Although I'd managed to keep his bottle for many years, it did finally become lost in a move I made some years back. I'm on a quest to find him a replacement. Any help you have would be much appreciated.
If you click the link in the previous message, you'll find a few bottles which are for sale right now on eBay.
John - December 27, 2013
I am looking for the little coke cola bottle for a 1960s Coke Cola Santa. Also need the neck collar and belt. Are these pieces available? Thanks
Don't know about the collar and belt, but I saw some bottles when I searched for (link): rushton santa cola.
Amy - December 19, 2013
I found a Rushton reindeer and am looking for information and value of this really cute deer.
Did you try and find yours on eBay to see what sellers ask? Usually the best way to determine the value.
Childhood - December 5, 2013
I've been googling for YEARS and kept coming up with NOTHING. FINALLY I have a manufacturer's name to go with my cherished childhood doll: Rushton! She was a hand me down from my next door neighbor, given to me in 1966. She was my constant companion for years, got lost at a motel in NJ and was MAILED BACK to me in a shoebox, safe and sound, she even went to college with me. I still have her. Can I send/post a pic of her? She had freckles and red 'hair' and painted blue eyes glancing sideways with a cheeky grin on a rubber face, her body was cloth - she wore orange solid color overalls and her arms were white with orange polka dots.
Nice story, thanks for sharing :-)
Angel - November 29, 2013
I found a vintage CHIPPY the chipmunk or squirrel rubber face doll with the ribbon saying Chippy still around he neck! It has a Rushton tag stil on it and it looks old! Can anyone give some idea on how old it may be and what it may be worth?? Thanks so much!!
Probably 1950s, 1960s. Depending on state, value is around 40 to 80 USD.
Mary - August 24, 2013
can you provide information on the tippy(blond) chimp. i have two both have furry legs. however one is filled with a mixture of cloth material and beanbag material. and the other chimp is filled only with beanbag material. is this because one came out in the 60s and one in the 70s. if this is the case which is which? oh yeah, and the only difference in their dress is one has only pink lace for the trim and the other is a two tone mix(pink
Amber - June 16, 2013
My grandmother has a large rubber faced teddy bear that my grandfather gave her back in 1951/1952. I have been trying to research the bear and I believe it is made by the Rushton Co. and that it is called a "Chubby Tubby". Does anyone know anything more about this bear? Looking for more info on the Rushton Co. and the bear itself. I was hoping to find what year(s) the bear was made as well. The bear does not have a tag on it.
It is indeed very difficult to find specific info on a specific toy, since most of these companies made so many different dolls, bears and other toys. I only found info on a Japanese website where the bear was sold for around 200 USD.
Diane - March 12, 2013
I think I have a Rushton Bear. It looks so close to the crying bear but this one is black with a yellow/beige tummy and ears. It has big blue eyes with a rubber face, hands and feet. It was purchase in Baden Penn in "Walts Jr. Supermarket in 1951 for my brother Michael 62 years ago. My mom who is now 90 has kept it all these years so I would love to know it's history. I could send a picture if you need it. Thank you!.
Kim - March 10, 2013
I purchased the most adorable vintage bunny today...she is pink and white, has a gorgeous rubber face, rubber ears, and human like rubber hands, with rubber shoes like zippy the rushton monkey has..obviously she is very old, her tag has been cut off...I can not find another like her on the web, ebay, you know anything about one of these..thank you!
Joe - February 17, 2013
My mom has a old rushton teddy bear she got in pr around 1950. She was going to take it to goodwill. I said we should check it out first. Could you tell me what the value might be. Its very good shape.
Best is to check out ebay and see what they fetch.
Cheryl - February 11, 2013
I just found a Rushton Star creations monkey (not Zippy, Tippy, or the grinder monkey). The tag only has the name of the company, line, and the letter A. Any ideas as to who this one is?
Jane - January 21, 2013
I believe I had a Zippy chimp monkey - he was my friend when I was about 6 to 9 years old. This was in the early 1960's and I thought he had on red coveralls and I thought he came with red plastic shoes. My hesitation comes from the fact he had more of a normal "monkey" face than the rather startling faces depicted here. My Zippy looked more like a monkey and didn't have big, red lips, either....
Barbara - January 9, 2013
I found a Rushton Bear with a happy face and yellow pants with suspenders in my mother-in-laws house after she passed. It is in good condition just a little wear. I am trying to find out if what year it was made and if it is considered an antique
These were made from the 1950s until the 1970s.
Eileen - January 1, 2013
I have a Rushton Zip monkey. Was interesting to read what Linda C wrote. I've had him at least 50 years. Love him!
Theresa - November 29, 2012
When my daughter was little (1970's) my Dad bought her a Rushton rubber faced elf. He was dressed in all green like a Leprecaun(sp?). I am trying to find another one for her, as it was lost over the years, and my Dad has since passed away. She just had a baby and I'd love to find one for her to give him when he gets older.
Lovely story Theresa! Did you try searching with : Rushton elfs? I hope you find one for your daughter and grandson.
Debbie - November 29, 2012
I need to know if zippy the chimp was made wearing red coveralls with Red buttons? I have one but, he has red not green, I was told he was original, but, never saw one not in green. Please let me know, ty in advance
Marci - September 16, 2012
I wanted everyone to know that I collect Rushton dolls and I'm going to make a Facebook for Rushton doll collectors so people can post pics of their Rushtons
Cool, let us know what the Facebook page will be and I will post it here!
Elaine - August 31, 2012
I have a stuffed bear with a cute little face made of rubber and a tag that says Rushton Star Creations, I received for Christmas in either 1959 or the early 1960's. I've looked and can't find any information on this, I would appreciate any thing I can on this adorable that I slept with until I was 18.
Rushton made many bears. Did you try Google images to look for the same you have?
Susan - July 24, 2012
I have the rubber face cow, udders stuffed which my mother bought some time years ago. Could you tell me something about this toy and how much it is worth.Thankyou.
Barbara - April 28, 2012
I have a Rushton Star Creation doll that I would like more information. She has a rubber face, very short grey hair, red and white pinstripe body and skirt with a purple apron and a big bow. She has red felt shoes. Does anyone know anything about her?
You can also try Google images
Micki - April 10, 2012
How do I know how old my Rushton rabbit is? It has the rubber face and the tag Rushton,Atlanta Georgia?
Probably 1950s-1960s.
Theresa - December 9, 2011
I am looking for a rubber face crying bear tha looks very much like the Rushton pouty bear. I have a picture of mine and it has rubber ears that are positioned straight up from where eyebrows would be and they are more rounded than what I have seen on ebay. I think it was from the early 60's. It has a soft expression. Can you tell me anything about this bear?
Debbie - December 1, 2011
Hi, I have a Rushton stuffed (cat? or bear?)that is kind of flat with a dark blue denim skirt. The tag that says "Someone you love needs something to hug" is still attached and is dated 1978. I can't find any info and was wondering if maybe someone else knew about this one...Thanks in advance, Debbie
Linda - September 18, 2011
In the 50's and early 60's my mother worked for Rushton doll company. Rubber faces were delivered to our house, my mother would paint one color in the eyes and let them dry, then add the next color. She was very good with detail. We knew not to go near her table where she painted. Her name was Lois Cochrane. My brothers and I have looked for Zippy The Monkeyfor years. My mom is now 83 and still smiles when we talk about her painting.
Thanks for sharing this nice story Linda!
Kris - September 8, 2011
I have a Rushton Zippy monkey I received when I was 4 or 5, that would have been mid 1950's. He is in excellent shape. I loved him dearly. He is dressed in a cowboy outfit complete with yellow and brown cowboy shirt trimmed with green piping, his pants are brown pleather on the front and look like chaps with red things riveted on the sides of them. He originally had a holster and metal gun...those two items are long gone. I have not been able to find any other like him. His body is all black with the high top baby shoes. can you give me any insight to to him.
Mark - August 21, 2011
I have a vintage stuffed 'red' pig circa 1958. Mom and Dad said is a weilea pig, purchased in Honolulu Hi. The next year my brother was born and was given a Rushton clown. The pig has a rubber face and ears similar to the clown. Does anyone have any info on the pig?
Unfortunately I have no info, but you can try and look for the pig on Google images: Rushton stuffed pig.
Fred - June 18, 2011
February, 1963, I was in a drugstore in Granbury, Texas just before Valentine's Day. I was 17 and living in nearby Tolar, Texas to finish high school under my uncle, who was principal. My mother had died the previous spring and I moved a lot. I was dearly missing my sweetheart, Mary, who was back in Oklahoma. Suddenly I saw an adorable, fleecy, white cocker spaniel type toy dog about eight inches tall holding a heart-shaped sign that read, "tain't puppy love." It had a rubber face with blonde hair peeking out from under the fleece and it looked just like my Mary! It was on its way to Oklahoma the next day. Yes, it was a Rushton and a heart stealer. Today, 48 years later, Mary was showing her wedding dress to our granddaughters and the little dog was in the box with the dress! I am looking at it as I write and wishing I could learn more or perhaps even buy duplicates for my granddaughters. Thank you, Rushton, for helping me tell this wonderful, special young woman that I was deeply in love with her.
Thanks for sharing this lovely story Fred!
Felicia - March 4, 2011
I have a doll that I was given when I was 11 (I am now 43)it has a tag on it that says the Rushton Company Atlanta Georgia. I know the lady that gave me the doll was old when she passed it down to me, but I know nothing else about the doll. I have lost many things in my life but some how not this doll, I question why often. Anyways I just want to find out information about the doll - not so I can sell it but for my own knowledge. It looks like a miss beasley doll but is not - it has a light blue body with white pok -a-dots , a plastic face , short blond hair , flece feet (yellow feet) a sheer apron around the waste area that is now damaged from wear and tear over the years. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I some day hope to have a grand daughter to hand it down to, since I was only lucky enough to have 4 sons and not a girl. LOL , thanks you Felicia
Julia - September 10, 2010
Hello went to a yard sale today bought a Rushton Santa with a Coke in his hand. any one have info on him Thank you judy
Joe - September 4, 2010
Back in the 1950's and 1960's we had a very close family friend by the name of Lucia Camp who worked for the Rushton Company in Atlanta. If anyone has any information about her or her family please post.We lost touch over the years. Thanks