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Sarah's Attic was a popular line of figurines in the 1990s. and the phenomenon actually began on the dining room table of the Schultz home in Chesaning, MI. In 1983 Sarah was managing the gift department in her husband's pharmacy, where she was also selling her own hand-made creations. Not surprisingly, the best selling products were those she created herself such as stencilled slates, boards, and pictures.

sarahs attic water globe

It was while visiting a gift show in Charlotte, North Carolina, that her hand-made stencilled tote bag caught the attention of a sales representative, who suggested she market her creations.

At first, the mother of five children declined, but reconsidered later as she thought about such family necessities as a new couch and college tuition.

Love, Respect and Dignity

With the help of her family, friends, and a few employees a "small" business venture was started called Sarah's Attic--From the Heart. The company was founded on three basic principles: Love, Respect and Dignity. Sarah's upbringing was evident in her creations right from the beginning.

As a child she was taught by her parents to respect everyone, regardless of race, creed or appearance. A small heart was painted on each piece to symbolise her belief that all mankind is created equal--a trademark she used until the last days of production (probably around 2008/2009). In the last years they had formed 'Enchantment on the River' to sell Sarah's Attic gift items.

Updated: 26 November 2019

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Sarah Attic value and price guide

What's your Sarah Attic worth? Here are some recently sold items.

Picture Title Date Price
sarah s attic black heritage quilting ladies lilla Sarah S Attic Black Heritage Quilting Ladies Lilla... 07/2021 £140.64
sarah s attic little charmer african american Sarah S Attic Little Charmer African American... 07/2021 £111.79
sassafras americana 12 doll by sarah s attic Sassafras Americana 12 Doll By Sarah S Attic... 07/2021 £100.97
sarah s attic ceramic 12 doll hickory african Sarah S Attic Ceramic 12 Doll Hickory African... 07/2021 £100.97
sarah s attic mrs rosa parks december 1955 1995 Sarah S Attic Mrs Rosa Parks December 1955 1995... 04/2021 £78.53
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices08/2021£-.--

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Comments (40)
Martin - June 2, 2021
I’m a proud collector, treasure all of my figurines (mainly bears).
Where is Sarah? She is not mentioned at all.
What a great lady met her several times in NJ signing events.
Thank you
I have no idea what Sarah is doing. I did find her son Tim Schultz on LinkedIn, with some reference to Sarah's Attic. So you could try and contact him.
Saundra - March 29, 2021
I would like to know more about this Sarah's Attic collectible: Willie Nov 1991 is on the back. The original price of 32.00 is on the bottom. Willie has a straw hat on and is carrying a big, waring boots, blue pants, white shirt, and tan best with blue bow. A pumpkin is next to his boots. I don't see him online and wonder if he is rare.
Roz - November 22, 2020
sarah attic s101 snow globe
How much is she worth, do you have any history on her
Sorry, I don't know. Have a look here, maybe you can find what you have: Sarah Attic Snow Globes.
Mele - November 12, 2020
I have several retired figurines. I found one on line. Is there a website that you can find the retired ones.
I can't find a dedicated website with retired Sarah Attic figurines. You could try here though to find some on eBay: Sarah Attic Retired.
Jeral - September 23, 2020
I have several Sarah's Attic figurine snow globes that wind up and play music....Some don't play now, do these use batteries?
I don't think they use batteries. They do have a wind-up spring, and could be exhausted after a couple of years...
Gloria - August 4, 2020
I Have Sarah's Attic Love Letters. They are L-O-V and E Individual) letters with a checkered decoration down the left side and a small brown heart in the lower right of each letter. The letters are tan - sort of crinkled looking. There is a sticker on the back that says Sarah's Attic, Inc. 7968 Love Letters. I have never seen another set of these anywhere. Maybe sell them, but don't know what they are worth!
Barb - July 13, 2020
I have some of the very first Sarah's Attic's. We lived close to where they were made and used to go there and pick them up sometimes. Most are limited edition numbered and most have the hearts on the twine with them. They are all angels. They were my sisters and she passed away and I need to pass them on to good homes. Can anyone point me in the direction of finding their worth or where I can sell them? I did scroll ebay but only 1 of these were on there.
Most of them are sold on eBay, but you could also try if there are some dedicated Facebook groups where you could sell them.
Camilla - April 12, 2020
I have the Black heritage collection buffalo soldier nr.0541. What is it's value today?
I couldn't find this particular piece... Maybe if you browse here you can find similar figures: Sarah Attic Heritage.
Lynda - March 28, 2020
I have a "Zeb" and a "Puddle I Dinghy" certificate. any pictures available for these items?Thanks
Sorry, I could only find the boat: Puddle boat.
Jim - February 22, 2020
Is there a website that i can reference old Sarah’s Attic figurines. I have many that aren’t showing up online. Thank you for your time.
Sorry, I can't find a catalogue or something. There are some websites selling a few of them, but I haven't seen a site dedicated to all figures.
Tyler - December 5, 2019
I have a Sarah’s attic doll. It says granny’s favorite. The body is a wood block. On the stitching it just appears to say nr.7? The rest I see online have a /2000 by it so I’m not quite sure about this one. On her neck it has the name granny engraved. Anything you can tell me about this helps! Thank you
Check out this page to see if you can find yours in the listings: Sarah Attic Granny's Favorites.
Jacqueline - November 14, 2019
i was given a Nativity set i am trying to figure out whats missing and what i have for sure I Mary ,Joseph and baby Jesus ,lamb and 2 cows All nr.. and then 8073,8074, 8075 i am not sure what they are wise men ? I think I am missing shepherds and donkeys i don't know what came with this set and options for it. it also came with a back drop too.
Go to this page for these figures and check out the listings to find out what you're missing: Sarah Attic Nativity. Also check Google Images.
Mona - November 4, 2019
I have sarah’s Attic Santa a month. With Mrs. Claus total set 24 pieces. I can’t find another like it or anything about the set.Any clues would be appreciated.Thanks
Hi, I can only suggest to visit this page to see if you can find any prices or value: Sarah Attic Santa of the Month.
Johnna - August 26, 2019
What is the price of sarahs gang globe
This questions pops up now and then, but I still can't find a value on this one, sorry.
Rebecca - June 11, 2019
I just uncovered a huge lot . I bought years ago for 20.00 . I saw someone ask for an angel and i have one also a plack with figurines???
Annette - June 9, 2019
I have the 1986 figurine named "Kip" and was wondering what is value might be. He is nr.228 out of 2500.
I'll be honest, but I can't find anything on your figurine, sorry :-(
Cdh - April 14, 2019
Hello, my mother has a Sarah's Attic 'Patches' figurine with nr.294. I cannot find any information online about this figurine (appears to be a sheep). Thank you.
Sorry, can't find anything either... Also Google for 'lamb'. I only found the 'Snowonders Wooly Lamb'
Pam - February 6, 2019
I have a Martin Luther King " I Have a Dream" with Limited Edition 1904/10,000
Deborah - January 3, 2019
I am looking for the Sarah's Attic Snowonders graduation snowman wearing a grad cap and neck tie holding a diploma in his left hand.
Hi, you could browse these Sarah Attic Snowonders to find one.
Diane - November 12, 2018
I am looking for the Sarah's Attic Snowonders Thanksgiving Angel. Does anyone know where I could find one?
Not sure, also take a look here: Sarah Attic Snowonder.
Trish - November 7, 2018
Does anyone know where I can find Sarah's Attic Special Angels? I have some and I see in 2016 someone inquired, but wanted to know if anyone is interested in selling them if they have any or know where I can get them.
You don't see them often, but there are a handful on eBay right now. Take a look here.
Valerie - October 18, 2018
i broke the snow globe from Sarah's attic lords prayer-S453. The music box still works. Can i find a replacement for snow globe or whole piece?
Difficult to find. Maybe you can find another one here...
Marsha - August 10, 2018
I have several pieces all numbered names: baby tansy, britches, lacy, reflections wondering if there is any valve in them at this time
Nicole - August 8, 2018
I came across a Sarah's Attic Sunday best tillie figurine, and was wondering what the value would be. It's signed and is nr.408/2500. I cannot find it on ebay.
C.sanks - August 12, 2017
I have a Sara's Attic Teacher figurine. It's signed
Sarah Attic made several teacher figurines. Take a look on this page: sarah attic teacher to see if you can find yours.
Angela - October 17, 2016
My family poured your original molds in Sevierville and we sold then in our shop in Gatlinburg. I have a box full of these , even Libby and Lucas in blue overalls sitting on the bench. I would love to sell them. Could you recommend a seller. I can take a picture of them all and email it. Right now I have the original Thanksgiving people and haystacks in both colors in my kitchen window. Any help would be appreciated.Angie Marson
So sorry, I'm not a Sarah Attic expert... My best bet is to sell them on eBay.
Willie - October 5, 2016
Thank you for tracking down the "Nurture" and "Love" figurines. The asking price of $80 for each is a bit excessive for me at this time.
Willie - September 25, 2016
I am looking for two figurines.1. Nurture and 2. Love Any help you can give as to where I might find the figurines for sale would be appreciated.
Christina - January 13, 2016
I'm looking for My Special Angels. I have found eight out of twelve. I would love to have all twelve.
Yes, It's always fun to have the whole collection, I agree :-) There are not many for sale right now on ebay, but maybe there is one you don't have: Sarah Attic My Special Angels.
Sheri - December 12, 2015
I am looking for Christmas Carolers standing on a street corner. I have 3 of them with a lamp post and I would like to add to group.
If you search for Sarah Attic Christmas you might find a few.
Ga945 - November 25, 2015
I am looking for the plaque "God's House" by Sarah's Attic. I think the number was 6605.. Beige/white plaque of a church. Mine fell and broke and would like to replace it. If anyone has one for sell or know where I can find this item , please advise me. Thanks
I can't even find a picture of this one... Difficult!
Ga945 - November 25, 2015
I will try to post a picture, have glued it together but the top piece and the back hanger are missing.
Email the picture to fabtintoys gmail com
Carolyn - May 10, 2015
I have a Sara's attic, preacher,two children and a dog,holding a Bible.The number is 1586/5000.It was sold at Luray Caverns,in about 1988.The cost was $99.99.
Can't find any info about this figure. Maybe you can ask here:
Tom - January 22, 2015
I have two Sarah's Attic bear (school book theme) figurine. One is marked "1990 Margie" and the other is marked "1990 Franny".Margie is 457/2500 and Franny is 466/2500. I can not find there pictures for some type of appraisal comparison anywhere on the internet, books or vintage collection shops. I am trying to find their real value and what type of interest it has to collectors...Please help.Thank you...Tom from Michigan
Tammy - December 7, 2011
I have a Sarah's Attic Christmas snow globe labeled Sarah's Gang Caroling, numbered 2093 out of 8000 made. It plays Joy To The World and is in mint condition. No air bubbles and music box plays perfect. What is that worth?
I have no idea but I know there are people looking for it so if you want to put it up for sale, with eBay you have a good chance you get what its worth.
Wanda - November 29, 2011
Still looking for Sarah's Gang Snow Globe. Can you help me. The one as illustrated above with the 7 children in a wagon. Thanks You.
I put your request here if someone comes by and want to sell one.
Debbie - September 20, 2011
I am looking for the "February Hoppin' Floppin' Rabbit3-4" tall by Sarah's Attic. I have the complete collection but this one got knocked down and broke beyond repair. If anyone has one they would like to part with Please let me know? Thanks
You can also try and search for: sarah attic rabbit on this website.
Jessica - April 30, 2011
i have a Sarah's Attic Sarah's Gang Snow Globe for sale if your interested.
Thanks, I will contact the person who is interested.
Penny - December 11, 2010
I am looking for sarah's gang--snow globe that plays that's what friends are for.
Difficult, but try to search regularly on this website for: 'Sarah's gang'.
Carol - November 13, 2010
What year was Sarah's Attic Sharing Dreams figurine created?
I think 1992, not 100% sure though...