Scalextric's roots actually date back to 1952 when a small company called 'Minimodels Ltd.' introduced a range of metal bodied model racing cars which contained a unique type of clockwork motor under the trademark 'SCALEX'. By the mid-1950s, the models were modified to take small electric motors and the 'Scalextric' brand ('SCALEX'-Electric) was born. Production of Scalextric products began in 1957 out of Hampshire, England, and 1960 saw the introduction of the plastic range of cars as the tinplate cars ceased.

Through the years Scalextric been owned by companies such as Tri-ang and Rovex Ltd, and in 1971 production of Scalextric and Hornby trains began from Westwood, Margate. In 1982, an independent company was formed: Hornby Hobbies Ltd (later Hornby Plc) and during the mid-1990s production of Scalextric was transferred to China.

The history of Scalextric:

Scalextric is the premier electrical model car racing system based on the 1/32nd scale. Cars are approximately 6 inches in length and track layouts from the standard sets range from 3 ft. by 5 ft. to 9 ft. by 9 ft.. A track layout can be further expanded to any size using the extensive range of track pieces in our range.

In 2004 Scalextric released its highly acclaimed Scalextric Digital system allowing up to six cars at a time on a two lane layout. This system allows lane changing, overtaking, drafting, pit stops and braking, making it the most realistic slot car racing experience available.


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Scalextric C68 Aston Martin Yellow Boxed Apr 2019 £ 1 100,00
Scalextric Model Motorcycle Racing Track Mar 2019 £ 909,00
C53 Mega Rare Austin Healey Tinplate Mar 2019 £ 845,56
Scalextric James Bond 007 Set 1960's Apr 2019 £ 700,00
Scalextric Digital Bundle Sl203 Jadlam Apr 2019 £ 625,75
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Charles - February 5, 2013

Hi I am looking and want to obtain two cars and controls for my scalextric 500(c538) Any luck pl thanks
►reply: Maybe you can try searching for Scalextric 500 or Scalextric 538 on this website.