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The Schuco Varianto wire-track system was introduced in 1951. The company's advertisements stated, "The automatic traffic game featuring a new kind of wire track never seen before." The clockwork or battery-operated cars had a guide wheel on the underside that set within coiled wire tracks. The tracks could be arranged in various configurations of the owner's own design. Different plastic pieces could be linked with the wire track to create intersections and overpasses.

schuco varianto

The Varianto system was sold for fifteen years and was immensely popular as a much cheaper alternative to electric train sets, having similar features and limited in layout only by the owner's imagination.

For more info see Schuco and for parts visit Schuco Varianto parts.

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Jan - November 29, 2020
schuco varianto boxed
Hello, I would like to sell the set as pictured, can you please advise? Can supply more pictures.
That's a really nice set you have there! I would recommend eBay or there are also a lot of vintage tin toy Facebook groups with collectors you could try.