Screech! Parker Brothers

Screech! should be played in a darkened room. Pull the owl in the center of the playing area within easy reach of all players. Shuffle and spread all the cards, face down, around the owl. Keep the spook keys in a pile nearby."

Screech! The game you play in the dark!

Screech game

A game from Parker Brothers that you play in the dark: Find the spiders, snakes, bats and skulls.

"In Screech! you try to be the first player to win 3 spook keys by finding cards wich match the spooky things in the owl's eyes.

Screech manual


Updated: 28 September 2021

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Comments (10)
Rose - July 30, 2021
I am interested in this game if anyone has one. Please email me. Thanks a bunch.
Rare game indeed. This month on eBay, one was apparently sold for USD 3K! Unbelievable...
Karen - May 3, 2020
Hi Gary - I'm interested in the Screech game if you want to sell it. Thanks, Karen
I'll pass your message Karen.
Gary - April 1, 2020
i have the english version,box in very good condition.the owl is in perfect condition and all pieces are there instruction manual. might sell.
Evelyn - July 21, 2019
Hello, If the New in boxes Screech game is still available, I'm interested in buying it.
Keep an eye on eBay, sometimes one pops up. However, they are not published anymore, so they're still vintage and not brand new.
Pj - June 5, 2019
I am looking for 1970s Parker brothers screech owl to buy. Preferably the lavender colour in good condition.
Gary - May 30, 2018
this is to lynn,i have one in near perfect condition,the box is in good condition,the owl is perfect.all the bits are there too.
Well, Lynn wrote her message over two years ago, so she might already found one :-) If you have an account, then I suggest selling yours on eBay.
Lynn - February 16, 2016
Our girls had this game and would like to have one again for their kids to play. How could I get one?
They are quite difficult to get your hands on... Best is to check here every week to see if there's one on eBay.
Julie - December 5, 2014
Do u still have the screech toy? I will buy it
It's a rare toy to find but sometimes there are a few on for sale, so check regularly on this website and maybe someday one will show up!
Carlos - October 11, 2014
Hi...I actually have a brand new Screech...and was looking to sell
Andrewf - February 3, 2013
Hi,I am looking for anyone that can get me a copy or tell me the instructions for playing the Parker Brothers Screech! game from the early 1970s. The game was a Purple owl with eyes that lit up and cards that when inserted into a slot in the owl would glow. The game was played in the dark. This version of the game came with tombstone cards with glow in the dark hidden images on them. There were also cards shaped as discs labeled "Spook Key" with the image of an old key between the words.Any assistance is greatly appreciated.Thanks
The problem is that the instructions how to play the game are on the box... There is one for sale right now on ebay, you could try and ask the seller to send you a picture from the back of the box. I will try as well to locate somewhere a picture of the box.