Spirit of St. Louis models

Inspired by Charles Lindbergh's solo flight from New York to Paris in May 1927, Metalcraft introduced a line of airplane construction sets amp; kits. The first set had metal parts and was designed to build a model of the Spirit of St. Louis, but this was quickly expanded into a series of sets that could build a variety of airplanes with one or two sets of wings and one, two or three engines in many different configurations. The metal parts were finished with a thin greyish material, probably a crude zincplate, which wears off quickly leaving just the bare metal.

Metalcraft also produced kits to build an airplane hangar, an airport beacon, an airport and a series of airships (Zeppelins).

Metalcraft Zeppelins

At least four of these 'Zeppelin' airship sets were produced. The largest was the #880, which first appeared in 1928. It was based on the famous Graf Zeppelin, designed by Dr. Hugo Eckener, Friedrichshafen, Germany, in 1928. The model was made from tinned sheet steel, and measured an impressive 27 x 5½ x 7 inches (68.6 x 14.0 x 17.8 cm). In later years, the #880 reappeared as the #962. Two smaller sets were also produced, the #960 and #961.

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Comments (3)
Mike - October 12, 2020
model 952,Spirit of St Louis US. Patent No. 1,674,637, metal craft corporation, how to build 100 planes General auto motive Electric, 1929, I am seeking the box for this I have the plane all its parts, it is in a general automotive electric box but it is not the original spirit of st louis box. How much would the box cost and do you know where I can find one, The instruction manual is there but ir is in rough shape.
I haven no idea, sorry! You could have a look here to see if someone has a box for sale: Spirit St. Louis Metalcraft. Other than that, maybe someday you'll find a second one for parts, with box... Also try Facebook, there are some toy collectors groups on there, but it will be hard to find an almost 100 year old box.
Colleen - September 19, 2011
Cleaning out my dad's garage we came across a tower "Spirit of St. Louis" on the front and on the top of the tower is a rod that looks to attach to a metal airplane. There is a electrical cord to the tower. Any idea as to the age and value?
No idea, depends on state and value. For example is it complete? You can find a picture of the complete toy here.
J. - November 11, 2010
I have a metal Spirit of Saint Louis 1920's plane kit that is missng some parts. Can anyone tell me where to go for such parts?
Maybe at www.andystoys.com they can tell you more.