Steelcraft toys were made by Murray Ohio Manufacturing Co., a Cleveland firm that opened in 1919 to make parts for that recent invention, the automobile. By 1923, Murray also was making toy cars using the steel and production methods it used to manufacture full-size car parts. The toys were marketed as Steelcraft Wheel Goods.

This diversity helped Murray survive the Depression. The company's pedal cars, airplanes, coaster wagons, bicycles and smaller wheeled toys were marked 'Steelcraft', the identification seen by today's collector.

Murray has made many other products, including lawn mowers and tractors. It even made special-order toy trucks that looked like a customer's full-size delivery trucks.

Steelcraft value and price guide

What's your 'Steelcraft' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK).

Picture Title Date Sold for
Pedal Car Seat Decal Buy One Get One 08/2019 £5.09
Original Art Deco Murray Mercury Wagon 08/2019 £80.22

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Comments (5)

John - November 19, 2018
I would like to know if the Steelcraft Macon white zeppelin with a light in front had a battery cover. I have only seen that model without the cover. Thank you
There were two models, one with and one without light bulb. I think the one with the light bulb didn't have a cover. Maybe the little handle near or in the battery compartment is for turning the light on and off (by moving the battery from and to the contacts) or to keep the battery in its place. Not sure though. Rare toy and very collectible.

Tom - June 16, 2016
I'm looking for parts for a Steelcraft Marion Steam Shovel, specifically the "boom" and the supports that attach it to the roof. does anyone reproduce those bits ? thanks !

Keith - December 13, 2014
I have a very old pedal plane Steelcraft Pursuit Plane that is in 100% original condition. How do I truly identify its age.
Better ask the experts at

Natalie - March 23, 2013
Do you know where to get replacement parts for old toys as in wheels for Keystone of Steelcraft? Even new replacements. Thank you

Vic - October 13, 2012
Do you have any pictures of a 1930's Steelcraft Playboy Zephyr wagon. I can't find any
Did you try Google images?