Sun Rubber Co.

The Sun Rubber Company made dolls from rubber and squeaky toys from 1924. They toys were made in Barberton, Ohio.

Their toy hot water bottle proved to be very popular. Growth continued at Sun with sales of a teething ring and bath sets, as well as more dolls and doll accessories. With a patent for a 1934 DeSoto Airflow, the company entered into the rubber toy car business. They ceased production in 1974.


The dolls are usually marked on the back: "Sun Rubber Co."

In Canada, Viceroy Manufacturing Unlimited of Toronto sold similar named dolls.

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Sun Rubber value and price guide

What's your Sun Rubber worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
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toy cars auburn rubber sun car racer ambulance sedan Toy Cars Auburn Rubber Sun Car Racer Ambulance Sedan 10/2021 £13.57
baby born dolls beach set sun tent rubber ring towel Baby Born Dolls Beach Set Sun Tent Rubber Ring Towel 10/2021 £14.52
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baby born dolls beach accessories set sun tent rubber Baby Born Dolls Beach Accessories Set Sun Tent Rubber 10/2021 £18.15
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Comments (5)
Lisa - August 6, 2021
I have this little doll and it's one of your tod L dee dolls I'd like to know how much it's worth it also came with a very nice like a wardrobecarrying case like a wardrobe
Have a look here: Sun Rubber Tod L Dee.
Corissa - July 28, 2021
I recently acquired a rubber face dog with yellow plush in very good condition. It looks like a Rushton to me but I’m not sure
Can I post a photo and get your opinion?
Hi Corissa, have a look here to see if you can find yours or similar ones (with other colors): Rushton dogs.
Tony - March 1, 2020
Hello i have searched an searched in your company about a toy horse i got 51 years ago. It is a molded hard plastic horse, yellowish in color with orange wheels. It has a red wood stick that goes thru its head to hold onto. It stands 17 inches tall and 18 inches long. Just big enough for a small child to ride. I have looked everywhere to find it, the only words on the horse say..The Sun Rubber Company on its wheels.
Hi, I am not affiliated with the Sun Rubber company and this firm ceased production in 1974. I can't find your horse, so the best thing to do is search Google Images now and to see if you can find yours: Sun Rubber horse.
Kimberly - October 25, 2019
I just found and bought an old doll at an estate sale. She's got a stamp on her upper back that says "MFD By the Sun Rubber Co. Barberton, O U.S.A. PAT. 211868P Pat. 2160739. She has no clothes and appears to have been melted at one point in time, although her head appears to be in great condition. Brown sleepy eyes that still work, open painted mouth, painted bottom lashes and real upper lashes. I found a similar doll on Etsy (the only one with the same markings) but the hair is definitely different than that one. Any ideas on where I can find more information on her or any information you may know? Thanks!
I can't help you much, but you might want to browse this page to see if you can find yours.
Dave - March 24, 2019
I have a Sun rubber car - a green two-door sedan. Is there such a thing as replacement wheels for these cars? I found the car years ago between the walls while rewiring an older home. Thank you!
Lovely to find an old toy between the walls! Very difficult to find sun rubber car tires. You might try to find one for parts? Maybe the listings on this page can help: Sun Rubber car.