Founded late 1920's, Denmark

Originally produced very high quality tin plate vehicles that rivaled the best of Germany's.  During the WWII, restrictions had forced Tekno to quite using tin and changed to produce vehicles in diecast.  The company ended in 1972.

Tekno value and price guide

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Item Title Date sold Price
1960s Tekno Volkswagen Vw Leget J Split Apr 2019 £ 1 207,06
Tekno Denmark Vw Type 1 Den R De L Ber May 2019 £ 675,00
1960s Tekno Volkswagen Vw K Levogn Split Apr 2019 £ 598,80
Tekno Denmark Vw Type 2 Gillette Mint Mar 2019 £ 562,00
Tekno Denmark Vw Type 1 Ejby Sm R Mint May 2019 £ 387,00
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Emmanuel - February 13, 2013

Hello .Im looking for tekno parts is there any website for parts original or aftermarket, the parts i need is 2 back doors to Tekno Carlsberg Volvo truck 458 ThanksEmmanuel
►reply: Maybe these websites can help:, or contact which makes custom made parts.

Eileen - May 6, 2011

I have a very old Tekno mercedes benz 300 SL that was given to me by my father 22 years ago. It was made in Denmark. My father was born and raised in Denmark. He is deceased. I know he has it for many years, but I don't know how old it is or what it might be worth today. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Eileen
►reply: Very difficult Eileen, but I'll post it on my site and maybe another visitor knows more...