Timpo Toys produced by a company called 'Toy Importers Ltd.', which was was formed in 1938 by Mr Sally Gawrylowicz (1907-2000), also known as Ally Gee, A Jewish refugee from Germany. In its early years the company imported toys from the Netherlands and made model figures. Timpo also sold lead soldiers and toy figures made by companies like Britains and Crescent and simply re-boxed them and selling them under the name of Timpo. WW2 made importing more difficult, so the company moved into toy production from 1940 to 1951.

Many of the early toys and figures were made of wood, particularly necessary due to wartime restrictions. Nevertheless, the company did produce four vehicles during the war. One was of an MG Record Car and was hollow cast. The other three were diecast.

timpo toy soldiers

Post-war various saloon and racing cars were featured in the range, plus a number of commercial vehicles, although many of these do tend to look rather crude.

Included among the commercials were an Utility van (Tyresoles Services or His Master's Voice), an articulated box van (Pickfords, Wall's Ice Cream, Lyons Tea and Bishop's Move), a Luton van (Smith's Crisps or Golden Shred) and a box van (Ever Ready).

In the mid-1940s the company produced a series of wartime aircrafts.

Some of the Timpo Toys moulds were sold to Benbros and Betal.

The first Timpo solids were made in 1954 with the introduction of several collections of plastic figures. These were made from painted, one-colored plastic.



Looking for an old catalogue? Download here a 1971 Timpo catalogue (PDF, 3.5mb).

Updated: 31 May 2019

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Cathie - October 7, 2014
I have minature cast iron reddish brown horse and removable cowboy with red shirt and rifle. Trying to find any info on this.
Briankelly - April 6, 2011
Dear sir/ madam, What do you know about the history of Timpo, Eire .Toys made here in Ireland during 1940s. I am looking for a Timpo Irish jaunting cart. Do you know where I would get one?.....Yours, Brian Kelly , Dublin
I have no idea Brian, you can try and search on this website every now and then for: Timpo cart