Touring board game

Touring was originally published in 1906 by the Wallie Dorr Company, and was picked up by Parker Bros. in 1925. If the mechanics sound familiar, it is the inspiration for the game Mille Bornes, which has since replaced it.

The object of the game is to be the first player to complete a trip of a set number of miles by playing mileage cards. Other players will try to slow you down by playing such cards as Broken Spring, Stop to Refuel, Missed the Curve, Populated Area, etc. You respond with Wrecker, Gasoline and eventually Go to continue moving. The action card types are slightly different between the two, and Mille Bornes adds the 'protective' cards, e.g. Emergency Vehicle which allows you to ignore speed limits.

The game can be played in partnership for the 4- and 6-player versions, with each partnership playing as a single driver.


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Comments (2)
Betty - March 1, 2015
I have an old Touring game but have lost or misplaced the instructions to play. Is it possible to get the instructions emailed to me? Thanks.
I'll email you the instructions in PDF format Betty.
Glenda - October 29, 2010
I am looking for a board game we used to play in the early 50's. I thought it was called Touring, but maybe not. You had cars and rolled a die to move around the board... you might run out of gas or have a flat you have any information about this. As I age, my memory isn't so great so the name might not be Touring, but something like that?? I would appreciate any help you can give.