Toy guns

Toy guns are toy weapons that mimic real weapons, but are designed to be fun for children to play with and less dangerous.

Some are essentially similar to the real thing, but less powerful. Weapons for cutting and stabbing have dull blades usually in plastic. Weapons formerly made out of metal and wood are now often made of a lighter material such as plastic.

Toy guns either cannot really shoot projectiles or just soft ones such as cork shooting pop guns or Nerf darts with limited velocity.

toy gunsHowever, cap pistols use caps with extremely small amounts of explosives for the sound effect. Toy hand grenades do not contain explosives except for a cap. BB guns are often called toy guns, but their shots can cause bodily harm.

Many newer toy weapons are brightly colored and oddly shaped to appeal to children and distinguish them from the real thing. For example, a toy that shoots Nerf balls might have a rounded shape and a neon yellow color.

For big weapons, the toy version is usually on a smaller scale. It might be much smaller, such as a toy catapult that is 20 centimetres tall. Or it might just be sized for children, such as a squirt gun that is half the size of a similar firearm.

A prop weapon (such as a stage gun or a stage sword) has to look real, but like a toy weapon, it should not be dangerous. A woodworking business, the Parris Manufacturing Company was contracted by the United States Government to provide over 2 million accurate copies of the M1903 Springfield rifles for the large World War II US armed forces. After the war they manufactured and sold their replicas to drill teams and to children as toy guns.

Toy Gun value and price guide

What's your Toy Gun worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
rare 1890 s markham chicago air rifle toy boys air gun Rare 1890 S Markham Chicago Air Rifle Toy Boys Air Gun 08/2021 £1 225.44
11 carette gun boat tin toy ship germany 11 Carette Gun Boat Tin Toy Ship Germany 11/2021 £973.67
pack of 6 water guns squirt gun water blaster for pool Pack Of 6 Water Guns Squirt Gun Water Blaster For Pool 09/2021 £965.50
james bond 007 thunderball special agent ricochet toy James Bond 007 Thunderball Special Agent Ricochet Toy 11/2021 £891.23
4 autec wizard wheels 7x16 4x100 gun for mini mini 4 Autec Wizard Wheels 7x16 4x100 Gun For Mini Mini 11/2021 £530.62
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021£-.--

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David - November 8, 2010
have one wondering whats the value it is a shootin shell snub nose 38, not a cap gun.
Difficult to say, all depends on state, wear tear, etc. Better search on auction sites to see what they fetch.