Mattel's Twiggy doll was the first doll fashioned after a real person (Twiggy was a top British fashion model in the 1960's). She has the same body size as Francie and Casey 11 1/4' and thus could share their wardrobe. She has the same head mold as Casey, but has heavier eye makeup.

She came on the market in late 1967, four outfits were created exclusively for Twiggy and released in 1968.

Description Twiggy

Her extra eye make-up made her look different from the Casey doll, even though both dolls had the same head mold. Her hair was short blonde, rooted upper eyelashes & painted bottom lower lashes. Bendable body & twist waist.

Twiggy value and price guide

What's your 'Twiggy' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK):

Item Title Date sold Price
New Terra Halogen Stand Light Foscarini Mar 2019 £ 948,99
Barbie 1185 1969 Mib Barbie Pal Tnt Nrfb Apr 2019 £ 469,30
Foscarini Floor Lamp Black Feb 2019 £ 485,00
Foscarini Blue Floor Lamp In Ellent Apr 2019 £ 395,00
Full Metal By Jj Adams Bw Mar 2019 £ 265,00

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Jessica - September 21, 2010

I have a 1967 Twiggy mini purse in perfect condition.It is yellow and has a chain attached and is stamped 5105 could someone give me an idea on how much this is worth? I'm looking to sell it.
►reply: Search for 'twiggy purse' on this website and maybe one will come up...

Cecilia - September 21, 2010

I am looking for Franklin Mint Twiggy outfits. I already have the original ensemble that comes on the doll but there are two other dresses and boots that Franklin Mint made available.
►reply: Search for twiggy outfits on this site.