A division of Solido, Verem produces a wide array of high-quality military vehicles, from trucks and jeeps to main battle tanks. Typically, the Verem tanks feature nicer paint jobs than their Solido counterparts, sport colored metal tracks, and generally have a more realistic looking appearance that makes them highly sought after diecast collectibles.

Verem value and price guide

What's your 'Verem' worth? Here are some recently sold items (UK).

Picture Title Date Sold for
1 50 Base Gaso_line Conversion 50842 06/2019 £119.95
Tank Museum Sandford Models Solido Su122 07/2019 £122.00
Rare Vw T1 Van Late Issue Michelin Promo 08/2019 £55.00
Military Army 1 50 Char Tank Sherman 09/2019 £62.99
Military Army 1 50 Char Tank General 07/2019 £62.67

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