Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with retro and vintage Christmas decorations. Old school angels from glass. Decorate your Christmas tree in 1950s style. Did you know the idea of decorating a Christmas tree did not become official until the early 19th century? When people first started putting up a Christmas tree they didn't trim them with the type of Christmas ornaments we use today. For many years they decorated them with all kinds of sugar coated fruits, candies, homemade cookies, ribbons, nuts and small gifts.

In eastern Germany the town of Lauscha is known as the birthplace of the Christmas tree ornament. In 1590, a glassblowing center was established there. German Protestant glassblowers from Swabia started it there when they settled to escape religious persecution. Soon, the glassblowers created a profitable business by making glass toys including dolls eyes and drinking glasses.

By the 18th century, the Lauschan glassblowers started making tubes of connected glass beads, which they sold to merchants all across Europe. Later glassblowers from other countries started making beads and other items. The Germans made silverglass balls called kugels.

In the mid-1870s, merchants in the town of Sonnebery discovered the Lauschan kugels and received the rights to export them. Because of F.W. Woolworth, the Lauschan glass ornaments caught on quick. In 1880 he decided to give kugels a try in his store and bought some from his American importer for his five-and-dime stores. He sold out of the gorgeous ornaments immediately and women asked for more.

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20 1998 John Deere Pewter Christmas 20 1998 John Deere Pewter Christmas 09/2019 £778.88
20 Murano Art Glass Christmas Trees 20 Murano Art Glass Christmas Trees 09/2019 £307.66
Huge Collection Of 136 Glass Christmas Huge Collection Of 136 Glass Christmas 11/2019 £310.77
34 Joan Walsh Anglund Wolfpit Ceramic 34 Joan Walsh Anglund Wolfpit Ceramic 10/2019 £272.60
28 Mercury Glass Birds Christmas 28 Mercury Glass Birds Christmas 10/2019 £249.24

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