Ratrace was one of Waddingtons most popular family board games in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

ratrace game

Ratrace is all about social success. You start out in life with $200, a Credit Card and a Business in the Working Class (outer ring of the board) and your objective is to get into the Middle Class and eventually High Society (inner ring). You'll have to face the usual: running your business, paying taxes, getting an education, joining social clubs and much more. You win by retiring with $100 000.

Ratrace instructions

Players start the game with a business and $200 cash. The businesses are color-coded: Rose's Clothes & Furs; Olive's Jewelry; Black's Art Gallery; Brown's Sporting Goods; Green's Furniture; and Royal's Car Sales (blue). Each business gets nine Status Symbol cards to sell to the other players, three each of $100 cards for Working Class, $500 for Middle Class, and $3000 for High Society. Players need money to make their own purchases, so everyone hopes to see their competing players land on their colored squares.

The game board has three tracks, one each for Working Class, Middle Class, and High Society. Everyone starts on the Graduation Day square on the Working Class track. From there opportunities present themselves: can you attend Night School and earn your diploma? Can you make it big (at long odds) at the Racetrack? Will you be accepted into the Country Club and gain a Membership Card? Can you earn money at the Stock Exchange? Players move around the track gaining Working Class status symbols, such as a New Car Radio or a 17-Jewel Watch. Gain any three Status Symbol cards and you're ready to move up to Middle Class - as long as you have a little cash and either your diploma or club membership. Of course, you could get lucky and land on a Society Wedding space and move up without all the qualifications everyone needs.

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Gord - May 12, 2014
I have the original rules and can email you a copy.....I need a new set of cards .....