The Wolverine Supply & Manufacturing Company was founded in Pittsburgh by Benjamin Bain and his wife in Pennsylvania in 1903 and incorporated in 1906. The firm operated until 1950.

The early Wolverine toys were set in motion by the weight of marbles or sand. These toys were highly popular and were usually designed to unload marbles or sand from an elevated hopper and once set in operation, they would continue to operate until the supply of sand or marbles was exhausted, thereby providing endless hours of fun for kids, Sandy Andy were these type of toys called.

In 1918, Wolverine's line expanded to include girls' toys. Introduced at the New York Toy Fair in March of that year, were such toys as sand pails, tea sets, toy washing machines, ironing boards, glass washboards and even miniature grocery stores.

In 1928, Wolverine introduced their Sunny Andy and Sunny Suzy toys.

Company advertising explained that the new names for the toys would cover all toys not operated by sand. By 1929, airplanes, boats, buses, and other toys had joined the Wolverine family of toys. Wolverine continued to expand their toy line throughout the 1930s, right up to the beginning of WWII, almost as if they were immune from the effects of the Depression.

Even the sand toys, relatively unchanged from the early 1900's, were still being sold into the 1950's. One of their popular toys to collect is the Wolverine Zilotone


Updated: 12 March 2021

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Wolverine value and price guide

What's your Wolverine worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
925 sterling silver michigan wolverine state map design 925 Sterling Silver Michigan Wolverine State Map Design 09/2021 £16.81
1950 s wolverine tin toy refrigerator red latching 1950 S Wolverine Tin Toy Refrigerator Red Latching 09/2021 £21.21
palitoy action force sas wolverine tank 1983 Palitoy Action Force Sas Wolverine Tank 1983 09/2021 £42.35
wolverine quilt lined flannel over shirt check large Wolverine Quilt Lined Flannel Over Shirt Check Large 09/2021 £17.95
wolverine brown leather western boots w 2 25 stacked Wolverine Brown Leather Western Boots W 2 25 Stacked 09/2021 £22.08
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices10/2021£-.--

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Comments (51)
Steve - January 29, 2021
This was my sister's and she is not interested in it after cleaning out our parent's house. Really not into ebay. Could someone recommend a reputable auction company in the D/FW area? Thanks in advance!
Marcie - July 2, 2020
I found a vintage Wolverine kitchen Toy baking cupboard. I was wondering if someone could identify the year it was made. Thank you!
Not sure, you could try Google Images or try this page: Wolverine cupboards to see if you can find yours or similar ones.
Lynne - March 4, 2020
I have a S.S. Wolverine ship that would like to sell but do not know where to sell it or how much to request.
There is one for sale right now on eBay for 99 USD. Not sure where you're located but you could find a toy auction house through Google or put it up for sale on eBay or Craiglist.
Joan - February 22, 2020
I have a set of army vehicles 55004360 made by wolverine but I can’t find them anywhere. Where would I look?
I'm sorry but I can't find anything with the number '55004360'... Maybe you can find a Facebook group with collectors, there is one for Vintage Wolverine Tin Mechanical Toys for example...
Sheri - January 29, 2020
I’m an avid collector of Wolverine and other tin little girl toys! Excited to hear from others and glean info!
Welcome Sheri :-)
Sal - November 6, 2019
I have a Wolverine pin ball game (Whirlpool) can you tell me what it may be worth?
Sorry, couldn't find any info. You could look here now and then to see if you can find yours: Wolverine pinball games.
Robert - October 11, 2019
Hello,I was wondering if anyone on this forum as any information on a Sandy Andy Circus Toy, nr. 27. The toy has a patent date from the 1920's on the circular tin base. I have seen pieces of the toy on eBay but never one complete. I picked this toy up several years ago from the world's largest yard sale in Kentucky. A few years later I was able to purchase the box for this toy on eBay. Have done extensive research on this toy and cannot find any information about this toy or its current value. I can send pictures upon request.Thank you,Bob
Hi Bob, sorry, can't find any info on this. However, I get one sold item when I search for Wolverine Andy Sandy Circus (scroll down for a picture), a dancing clown from 1922, sold for $215.
Rob - June 22, 2019
all the toys that wolverine made were made here in my town after 71. i remember mountains of toys/scraps hauled to the city dump from the plant. The Plant still exists as a warehouse for walmart and a baby wipe factory but in the main offices up front are huge display cases with NOS wolverine tin toys in them , i remember looking at all of them when i worked there in the early 90s when it was todays kids. there are still lots of those old toys at old farm houses and around town. all the older people here worked for wolverine and the younger generation worked for Todays kids. after Spang bought it all out MFG disappeared all together..
Thanks so much for sharing this amazing story Rob!
Jim - March 24, 2018
Looking for top section (sign) for wolverine drug store, any ideas? I'm talking about the sign that goes across the center section of the drug store. Thanks
Maurice - September 27, 2017
Thank you! I check very regularly on ebay- and here as well is same stock . good day! actually the house I want is right there but with much major issues.
Maurice - September 26, 2017
hi, looking for wolverine 2 floors dollhouse with red shutters with white sailing boat called suburban house
Have you tried searching for: wolverine doll house there are quite a few for sale right now.
Maurice - September 20, 2017
i am looking for a good vintage wolverine dollhouse with red top floor with little boat on shutters and terrace covered with white plastic awning...(don t mind that awning but rather mostly with it s plastic opening door. seen one on ebay right now, but discolored :-( is there a place i can buy it except for etsy and ebay?? Thank you
You mean this wolverine doll house? Difficult to find outside eBay and Etsy I guess!
Terry - June 26, 2017
See complete guide book soley about The Wolverine Supply
Here you can find books on Wolverine toys on Amazon: Books on Wolverine toys.
Duane - May 15, 2017
in need of an airplane for the Wolverine carousel. I believe its model 100. Airplane has a 3 1/4 wing span and a 4 inch wire stinger. Thanks for the help
Hi, you should ask the people from, maybe they can help.
Mike - March 11, 2017
Does anyone know where to find info about a wolverine gee wiz electric horse racing game? Thx mike
Difficult to find any info other than it's from the 1920s or 1930s. There is this video and there a few for sale. These are however not electric. Can't find any info on an electric version.
Joyce - April 6, 2016
I'm so excited to find a working electric wolverine iron, turquoise handle, does it have value, besides sitting in my ironing room.?
Penny - April 14, 2015
We have a 20's Wolverine Motor Race game w/ 5 cars and the checkers for sale - condition is good
Jo - November 1, 2014
I have the Wolverine "Sunny Suzy" iron from early'50is - catalogue no. 29A. It is in very good condition. Any value on this item?
I saw them on ebay going for around 10 USD (only the iron) to 40 USD (including a toy iron board).
Terry - October 7, 2014
See new book soley about The Wolverine Supply
Gary - June 13, 2014
i have sandy andy across the channey metal game board with checkers on the other side missing all parts any value in the board
Kathleen - August 13, 2013
I have one of your adding machines patent 2243884 what can you tell me about it?
Not much I'm afraid. If you're looking for a value, try search for wolverine adding machine on this website.
Jim - July 10, 2013
Have a diving submarine with some original paint--windup still works. How old is it and should it be restored. any idea on value--considerable rust but planes and rudder still moves.
Many collectors like their toys unrestored, so you have to consider that. Difficult to give a value, but on eBay some were recently sold between 20 and 200 USD. Take a look here for a list Wolverine submarine.
Sandy - June 13, 2013
I have a Wolverine play cupboard that hangs on the wall It has Dutch boys and girls on it, one long drawer and 2 shelves and on the bottom 2 cupboard doors. dimensions are 24x18x6 give or take a few inches any info on this product would be greatly appreciated.
John - April 13, 2013
WE have a Wolverine "Ind. No. 905" washing machine in original box.Any estimate on how much it might be worth? Best way to sell it?
I cannot find this particular model, but Wolverine washers go on eBay from 30 up to 200 USD or even more. Also depends on state/complete, etc.
Glennis - February 26, 2013
I have a metal canoe/kayak that was my Grandfathers as a child.can't find anything similar on has green hull with cream deck with what i think is an indian motiff. Can't identify,can u help.approx.10 inches long,has Edna onrear hull
Jim - February 10, 2013
I have a old texaco gas station n its missing everything how can i get the parts i need to have a complete gas station? THANK U!!!!
Kevin - December 11, 2012
I have two Wolverine games from the '20s. Motor Race and Aeroplane Race with cars and planes. Does anyone have an old catalog or brochure that they could copy that has pictures of the other wolverine games (i.e. Sandy Andy Boat Race, Speedboat Race) that would have pictures of the playing pieces and boards?
Bob - December 1, 2012
i have a starquest pinball machine in working order in great shape would u have any idea if its a rare item and what its worth i believe my parents payed $175 back in 78-79
I think best is to search for the same kind of pinballs made by Wolverine and see what they fetch. Or visit this aracde forum and ask people there. I am not an expert on pinballs unfortunately.
Ernest - November 11, 2012
i want to know how i can get a tin toy airplane for the wolverine merry-go-round no 31 mechanical toy
Go here to search for merry go round parts: wolverine merry go round or for toy parts look here and contact Tin Toy Works.
Maurice - October 16, 2012
I have a Jingle Cups toy made by wolverine Supply
Here is also one up for auction.
Angie - September 3, 2012
I have a tin kitchen set that looks just like the sunny suzy sets but doesnt say sunny suzzy it as a big P on ith in blue. I cant seem to find any info about it. Can someone please tell me anything
Cathy - September 1, 2012
We purchased a Wolverine pirate toy chest in great condition.any idea when it was made and its value. Thanks?
Joann - August 23, 2012
I purchesed a Wolverine Delux Washer, white trimed in greenish. Good shape. I love it, can you tell me the year it was made, etc.. Tot wringer washer.
If this is the one, then its made in 1955: Wolverine Deluxe Washer.
Denise - July 14, 2012
I am trying to find a bread box that has a little girl on the front playing in a strawberry bowl. there are strawberries on the sides also. It came with a tea sey and dishes. would love to find one!
Difficult, but you can try and search from time to time for Wolverine canisters on this website.
Dick - July 8, 2012
I have, from my earliest childhood a Wolverine "AutoLift" in good working condition. I have no place to display it and would like to find a new home for it. It has all the ramps and the original car. Thanks
Karen - March 18, 2012
I purchased a Wolverine tin doll vanity at an antique shop(9"tall by 13 1/2 across top. Does anyone know what came with this toy, when it was made, and what it is worth? It is in excellent condition (not repainted hinged mirror in tact.
Phyllis - February 3, 2012
i have a old clothes iron that has stamped in wolverine supply
Deb - February 3, 2012
I have a little Wolverine pink tin wash machine. It holds water,has 2 cycles wash and spin dryer w/hose on the side to drain water. Any idea on the value of this? It is in good condition.
Try and locate your machine by searching for wolverine washing machine images. Maybe you can get more info on value this way. Also regularly check eBay for prices.
Mary - January 29, 2012
I have a Wolverine glass washing machine set with all pieces as well as the box. What is this worth ?
Complete with box it can fetch (well) over 100 dollars. Depends on demand and state.
Denice - January 18, 2012
I have two pin ball games. One is a le mans grand price game and the other is a Mickey mouse game. Can you tell me anything about them?
The Le Mans is from the 1960s and is depending condition and demand worth between 20 and 50 UDS. There are some for sale on ebay (also the Mickey Mouse version) so you might follow them to see what they are sold for.
Christine - January 17, 2012
I have an old Wolverine Drug Store play set (no, not the grocery store -- I have a few of those) and I'm trying to figure out what product boxes went with it. I have a slew of boxes but it they seem kind of odd for a drug store. Any ideas?
No idea, I only found one here and here (the last one: click on the picture to enlarge and you get a glimpse of the boxes).
Kidtwist - January 10, 2012
I have several Wolverine 'drum major #27, tin wind-up toys. If anyone wants information of these please email me as my Dad worked for them breifly right after he returned from duty in the Navy in 1946. Wolverine, made the first one in 1933 w, a pat. date of 1932. and the second version in me for more info.
Kay - November 12, 2011
Can you tell me if Worverine and T. Bros. of Parsons PA were connected in any way? Kay C.
Trina - October 1, 2011
I have a wolverine # 670 tin toy "doll house" It is more of a toy storage unit. Has several shelves inside and 2 doors. I have not found anything else like it in my research. It used to have a cardboard peaked roof atached but that is gone. Any help?!
Gaylee - September 4, 2011
i believe i have a vintage refridgerater. it has one door and the long red handle, the freezer is the width of the inside of the refrdgerater and it has a red ice cube tray and a little red box in side. it also has a colored printed cardboard picture of vegetables on the bottom inside and inside is made of metal..could you help me establish if this was made by you? i know nothing about antiques and i thought maybe i might start dabbling with the vintage toys.
Brad - August 2, 2011
i have a wolverine star quest toy pinball machine that is electric and not a table top it has legs..i have not found even one with legs can someone please help me?
Have you tried searching for: Wolverine pinball?
Matt - April 26, 2011
I have a Wolverine Rite Hite stove, refrigerator, and sink. They are a matching set. The fridge says no. 614 inside the freezer door. Any idea on how old these are and what they might be worth. I am having a hard time finding any information about these toys. Thanks for any help.
Jen - March 29, 2011
I have a Walt Disney pinball game. Its very old and still works, dont know the year of it. The number on it is 163. Can you tell me whats its worth?
Rhonda - March 13, 2011
I have a Wolverine Town and Country Doll House tin and plastic still in box. Plastic pieces are still in closed plastic bags and nothing has been assembled. The number on the box is 806. Can you send me a link or any information about this toy or manufacture?
Very difficult to find info on this doll house... you could try and search in google's images for dollhouse wolverine to locate yours... hope this helps a bit.
Linda - February 21, 2011
My sister and I loved playing with a pink wringer toy washing machines by Wolverine during the 1950's. I just found one like it on ebay. Not in great shape but bid on it anyway in hopes of putting it in my laundry room. Was fun just to see it again even if I don't win the auction.
Thanks for sharing Linda, I hope you win the auction!
Linda - December 2, 2010
Any books about the Wolverine company?
There is one on Amazon about Marx, Wolverine and other toys: American Tin-Litho Toys.