Models of Yesteryear

Lesney range of die cast models.

The Models of Yesteryear, introduced in 1956, were renditions of classic vehicles from the steam and early automotive eras. These were often about 3½-4" in length. Accessories Packs were also introduced in 1956 and included petrol pumps, garages, and the like. Major Packs, which were larger-scale models, often of construction vehicles, were added in 1957. The King Size series of larger-scale trucks and tractors was added in 1960 and was diversified from 1967 onwards to include passenger car models in a scale similar to that used by Corgi and Dinky. Major Packs had been absorbed into the King Size range by 1968. [Wikipedia]


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Yesteryear value and price guide

What's your Yesteryear worth in 2021? Here are some recently sold items.

Item Title Date Price
model of yesteryear y 7 1 3 leyland van jacobs ext rare Model Of Yesteryear Y 7 1 3 Leyland Van Jacobs Ext Rare 08/2021 £1 500.00
model of yesteryear y 7 1 3 leyland van jacobs ext rare Model Of Yesteryear Y 7 1 3 Leyland Van Jacobs Ext Rare 08/2021 £1 500.00
matchbox models of yesteryear job lot Matchbox Models Of Yesteryear Job Lot 09/2021 £1 500.00
model of yesteryear y 4 2 1a shand wagon extremely rare Model Of Yesteryear Y 4 2 1a Shand Wagon Extremely Rare 08/2021 £1 000.00
model of yesteryear y 13 1 3 santa fe loco extremely Model Of Yesteryear Y 13 1 3 Santa Fe Loco Extremely 08/2021 £900.00
no pictureSee all sold items on eBay for more prices12/2021£-.--

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Comments (10)
Janet - August 18, 2021
What is the value of yesteryear G6 truck collection. There are 6 in the original wrapping. Thank you
I'm not sure but you could have a look here: Matchbox G-6.
Tim - June 7, 2021
Is there a way of me sharing a photo of 8 Lesney models of yesteryear cars to see what their value is?
Ray - April 1, 2021
i have matchbox collectibles"models of yesterday" brand new still in boxes how can i sell them?
John - November 30, 2020
I have around 650 Models of Yesteryears for sale anyone can help
Sell it as a lot on eBay or there are some Facebook groups with collectors.
Jeff - November 12, 2020
is anyone familiar with a yesteryear 1930 model j Duesenberg
IN MILITARY GREEN with stars tampo and 475 on bonnet?
i cannot find even a photo of one.
mine in a j window box 1984
I think I saw one recently here: Yesteryear Duesenberg.
Benjy - September 17, 2020
I have 26 Models of Yesteryear. Most have never been out of their boxes - mint condition. If anyone is interested I could send a list of what I have. I would like to sell all.
Ray - September 16, 2020
Hi I have a large collection of Matchbox Models Of Yesteryear, do you Know of somewhere I can sell the whole collection.
Well, I always suggest eBay, but maybe there are some Matchbox collectors groups on Facebook as well to try.
Sandy - September 11, 2020
Is there reproductions of the yesteryear cars and if so how can you tell ?
I don't think so. However, you'll find lots of reproduction boxes.
Ann - April 12, 2020
Best place to find values ? I have BOXES of NIB Lesney Matchbox Models... never played with ! Where do I begin ??
Not sure, but a good start might be this Yesteryear Collectors page on Facebook. Just post a few pictures and they might help you. Good luck!
Jay - March 14, 2020
I have a models of yesteryear Matchbox truck, Y-13 1918 crossley, Wiltshire County Council yellow truck, it came with a certificate saying its unit 551 out of 1000 models, the truck and original box and certificate are in good condition. I cannot find another example even on ebay. I have pictures available
Best is to ask the experts on this Facebook page: Lesney Matchbox Collectors Group.