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Zee Toys was -together with Zylmex- a brand name of Zyll Enterprise Ltd. Like most, these lightweight diecast and plastic toys were manufactured in China. Their quality varies and collector value remains comparatively low. However, some unusual models have been produced over the years Zyll was in production. Besides a large array of models of different sizes and scales, two product lines stand out, both roughly 1:64 scale, dubbed 'Pacesetters' and 'Dynawheels.' Pacesetters are the better quality of the two, usually sporting metal chassis, opening doors and other parts, while Dynawheels are generally lighter, with plastic chassis and no opening parts.

Many other series exist, most notably Ridge Riders series of approximately 1:24 scale motorcycles, and Dyna-Flites model airplanes. Other manufacturers that have carried the Zee Toys brand name include Edocar, a Dutch licensee, and Intex Recreation. Sets of Zee Toys Pacesetters were also issued through Sears as Roadmates.

Zyll Enterprise Ltd. went out of business in March 1996, and all the dies and trademarks were sold to the Hong Kong firm of Red Box International in 1997. There was also a connection between Zee Toys and Intex Corporation. Up until 1993, Intex was the sole importer of Zee Toys to the US. Since then, Zyll products have been sold under the Redbox, and more recently, Motormax brands.

Before Redbox International purchased Zyll Enterprise (around 1998), and before the Motormax line was introduced by Redbox, many of the Motormax castings still available today were originally produced and marketed by Zyll Enterprise under the Zylmex and Zee Toys brands. Two Motormax 3' series have been documented - the 6000-Series and the J-Series.

Zylmex models are the oldest and most valued die-cast toys produced by the company. Even the earliest Zylmex models were designated with a 'D' preceding the model number on the base, and many were later reissued as Zee Toys Dynawheels.

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Zee Toys value and price guide

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die cast kenner zee toys hot wheels matchbox ertl kidco Die Cast Kenner Zee Toys Hot Wheels Matchbox Ertl Kidco 09/2021 £194.78
questar metal man 1977 zee toys zylmex die cast action Questar Metal Man 1977 Zee Toys Zylmex Die Cast Action 08/2021 £149.25
zee toys cyclone dragster in good condition hong kong Zee Toys Cyclone Dragster In Good Condition Hong Kong 11/2021 £111.19
zee toys cyclone dragster in rare original box hong Zee Toys Cyclone Dragster In Rare Original Box Hong 10/2021 £98.51
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Comments (3)
Jim - January 17, 2018
Just acquired a bunch of Zylmex Ridge Riders motorcycles from the '90's. Is there a price guide or at least some way to identify the type/make of motorcycle I can use to list them on Ebay. There is nothing on the packages to tell what kind of bike is inside. Thanks jimstoycars Jim H PEACE
Hi, if you click on the 'sold listings' link in the description you'll get to a list of sold Zylmex toys and riders and the prices they fetched. I saw a bunch of riders in that list so you'll have a starting point!
Mike - April 1, 2014
I have a Gray or Silver 928-S Porsche. The number 928 with the S underneath it is on the hood and is in red. I would like to know if it is a rare, or hard to find car or perhaps just your ever day car. I appreciate any information that you may have. Or perhaps a site that I may can go to find the information. Thanks so much. Mike
No idea if your car is rare... There are a few for sale, take a look here.
Derrick - June 1, 2012
do you have every rig that youve ever made almost ever model tractor trailer one day when i can i would like to buy some rigs from in h.o.scale size thank you