The Zeroids Action Sets were a line of robot toys from the Planet Zero introduced by the Ideal Toy Company in 1967.

Consisting of Zintar, Zobor and Zerak, the Zeroids powered their way into the imaginations of boys for nearly a decade. The robots were powered by a small electric motor and appeared as the brand name "Motorific" in Ideal Corp racing slot cars, and "Boaterific" powered toy motorboats.

Updated: 4 Sept. 2019

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Comments (4)
Dave - August 31, 2019
I have a Zeroid Commander Missile Defense set. very nice Unopened box. Any idea what it is worth?
Sorry, no idea... Maybe another visitor, if so I'll let you know.
George - February 8, 2015
Lou - you can buy replacement rubber tracks for the zeroids on ebay. From time to time they come up for about $18.Good luck. Does anyone have the schematics on the Zeroids ZEM XXI. Need to repair mine and would like to know how it works.
You could try your question also here: Z.E.M. XXI: THE ZEROID EXPLORATION MODULE.
Lou - December 21, 2014
I am willing to buy an original zemxxi explorer module .the early verision was purple and yellow. if any one has for sale please contact me. thanks.
Search regularly for Zeroids ZEM XXI on this website and maybe one will popup someday.
Lou - December 20, 2014
does anyone know where I can buy replacement rubber tracks for my zeroids?
Are you looking for this? zeroids belts.